In a Vase on Monday – Hand Tied Tulips

A grey wet morning greeted me when I opened the shutters this morning.  It is a good thing that I had picked the flowers for today’s vase yesterday.

More tulips!  I hope that there will be tulips every week for the next few weeks from the pots of forced tulip bulbs in the greenhouse.  On Friday I noted that the first couple of Tulip Purissima were beginning to show some white colour (I know white isn’t a colour, but you know what I mean).  By Saturday one had opened completely. Continue reading

Making me smile this week 3rd February 2016

Weather-wise it has been a mixed week with a couple of days of really warm sunshine and blue skies and the rest rather grey with a cold wind.  On Monday I began pruning the wisteria on the pergola at the front of the house.  I wish I’d taken a photograph immediately as the new structure against the blue sky was really making me smile a lot, against the grey sky today it looks far less impressive.  Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – Happiness is………

Every Monday I join with Cathy at Rambling in the garden where she challenges us to find flowers or foliage from our gardens to bring into the house to enjoy for the week.  Some weeks there are just a few ‘found’ flowers but today I have the first of my favourite flowers that I have been anticipating since they were prepared and planted before Christmas. Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – Spring offerings

After a week of heavy frosts I wasn’t sure what there would be to pick for A vase on Monday, when Cathy at Rambling in the Garden challenges us to fill a vase with flowers from our gardens or surroundings.  By repotting some Iris reticulata from the greenhouse and picking from the garden I was able to fill three, miniature, zinc buckets. Continue reading

GBFD – January when foliage counts even more

Welcome to Garden Bloggers’ Foliage Day (GBFD) when I ask you to consider the important role foliage has in all our gardens whether we put it first on the list when choosing new plants or whether it is incidental, the result of our choice of flowering plants.  I have reached a time in my gardening life when I admit that foliage is THE most important consideration when buying new plants, that and their suitability for my conditions and climate. Continue reading