Winter to Spring in 2 days

I don’t know how the plants survived at all!  On Tuesday and Thursday everything was buried under  a couple of inches of snow, then Friday, Saturday and Sunday were wonderful, spring days.  Blue sky, real warmth in the sun, no wind just perfect

Snow from my window

weather to get on with pruning the olives and weeding.

I’ve decided to take a photo inventary of what’s flowering in the garden on the 2nd weekend of the month, if you click on the photo on the right  you can see them all.   The Apricot and plum were in flower, does that mean there will be no fruit this year with the cold weather last week?  See post for walk at Norchia for just how different the weather was on Sunday.

6 thoughts on “Winter to Spring in 2 days

    • In the six years we’ve been here we’ve only had snow in the city itself twice, though there is often snow on the Cimine hills. Winter has been long, cold and damp this year; the damp has made it feel colder than the actual temperature would indicate. C

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