Tulips and Daffodils

I just love the colour of these tulips

The weather is so much warmer, I can almost see the buds on everything growing and opening.  I have been weeding, mostly only annual weeds that have germinated on the surface of the soil.  I’ve been planting things that didn’t make it into the ground last autumn.  Interestingly the daffodils and tulips are flowering together.  Clematis Armandii is jsut opening its buds even though its leaves look rather wind damaged.

my first tulip on the 20th March

This one's rather beautiful too!

Euphorbia have amazing bracts - just like flowers

4 thoughts on “Tulips and Daffodils

  1. What an amazing Euphorbia. Which one is that? Myrsinites? I’m so frustrated by my euphorbias. They do not seem to like my soil…

    • Yes, it’s Euphorbia myrsinites, all euphorbias like very free draining soil, this one has seeded itself in the gravel paths.
      I think your soil has a lot of clay but if they’re planted in a situation that the water drains away they should survive. this winter was bad for them wet and cold together!

  2. Lovely tulips, there is really nothing nicer than their amazing richness. I know what Tiziana means about euphorbias, they have their own agenda, some thrive, so definitely don’t. E Blackbird , a beautiful thing, has sadly succumbed to the cold wet winter here.

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