Roses, Alliums – Bloom day May

There seems to have been something new blooming almost every day since the last bloom day!

What’s still flowering and therefore very good value: Rosa mutabilis – it had just a few flowers last bloom day now all the bushes are covered in flowers that begin peachy and turn to deep crimson on hot days and to a paler pink on cloudy, cooler days. The Teucrium is still full of flower that attracts many different kinds of bees.

Verbena carpets the ground with flowers and smothers weeds. Lavandula steochas in several different colour combinations also attracts bees and fills the air with the perfume of camphor on warm still days.

Almost all the roses are now flowering including: R. mutabilis, R. Tradescant, R. Sophie’s perpetual. R. Rhapsody in Blue, R. Gertrude Jekyll, R. Conrad Ferdinand Meyer (began flowering very early), R. Stanwell perpetual (almost as early) R. Molineux, R. Queen of Sweden (opened its first flower actually on bloom day), R. Clair Matin is clothing the pillars on the west side of the house and the climbing yellow rose which I’ve forgotten the name of is looking glorious.

Allium Schubertii

Most of the Alliums have now opened to reveal their amazing forms. Sadly only one A. Schubertii produced a flower – but still worth it.

With all these flowers it’s strange but my favourite angle of the garden is under the mulberry tree where the texture of Hosta leaves contrasts with Heuchera and Festuca.  Next to this area, but in the sun, the insignificant flowers of Elaeagnus angustifolia ‘Quicksilver’ fill the air with their delicious perfume.

Shady area under Mulberry

I think for my own information I’ll create a spread sheet to show what is in flower when – I think if I allow 4 entries a month I’ll have a very clear picture of which plants are good value flower-wise. Most plants offer much more than just flowers and so I’ll have to think of a different way of characterizing them.

click here to see almost everything else that is flowering.

Bloom day was last Sunday and already several other plants have opened their first bud including a truely black Iris – I’ll show you another day.

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