More Roses and a Black Iris

As promised here is the black Iris.  The photo was taken on a very sunny day, it looks even darker on a grey day.

More roses have begun to flower too.  The garden is full of delightful perfume and the sound of bees and other insects buzzing.

Rosa Queen of Sweden

Rosa Queen of Sweden is a very upright rose, holding its flowers up to be enjoyed and smelt.

Rosa Westerland

Rosa Westerland is the colour of the sunset!  Not an easy colour to place in the garden but it really brightens up a dull corner.

Finally, a rose that I’ve never seen in the UK but here is a real star performer. so two pictures – one in bud and the other the open flower.

Bud opening of Pierre di Ronsard

Rosa Pierre di Ronsard

4 thoughts on “More Roses and a Black Iris

  1. I love the roses! My Queen of Sweden won’t bloom for another month or more, but I’m looking forward to it. Such sweet little blooms.

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