Rain and warmth – everything is growing fast

We have had two weeks of rain, but up until last weekend the temperatures remained warm, so everything is growing very fast. Here are a few general views of the garden including the wild flowers under the olives – I just love poppies; where the soil was dug to plant daffodils, there are now poppies!

Poppies under the olives

Island beds looking like Beth Chatto's gravel garden

Looking from the opposite direction - the dry island

Rosa Rimosa 79 climbing the pillars of the pergola at the front of the house

Rosa Clair Matin on west side of the house

Yellow Hemerocallus have begun flowering

Also flowering is Sambucus dark purple, cut leaved, I think it's called Black Lace.

5 thoughts on “Rain and warmth – everything is growing fast

    • Thank you. The island beds were planted last autumn and really prove, if proof were needed that ‘autumn planting’ makes all the difference. The plants are not stressed just after planting as happens in the spring and they have months of cool wet weather to establish a good root system for their first summer. I think you again a year at least by planting in autumn of the same year. I planted some mid size ‘lecce’ bushes in spring 2 years ago and they have only really started to grow and put on good new leaf now, even though I watered them properly the first summer. Christina

  1. I definitely agree with that philosophy and try to do the same if I can. The big problem (at least around here) is how to find the plants in September/October. Buy them in May and keep them in pots all summer? The Med Garden Soc used to hold their annual plant sale in May but have shifted it now to October for exactly this reason. By the way, where did you get your red and yellow RHPokers? I am a bit fed up with my orange ones blooming so early then finishing. I tried to plant some red ones bought by mail order but they are miserable and don’t look like they will do anything.

    • Yes, buying in the autumn can be an issue. Last year I went to the plant show in Lucca in early September and there is a very small show locally; sometimes I order from suppliers that I know are coming. Michellini, my local vivaio are quite good at ordering things for me if I order enough of any one kind – and I can trust their stock. C

  2. The garden is looking really mature Christina, I love the curves of the island beds. We have rain today, and I hope it will encourage similar lush growth. The roses are wonderful.

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