Chelsea 2010 – Brown Irises

There is always one plant that seems to be in every garden at the Chelsea Flower Show; this year that plant was a brown Iris; i have it too so I think it is I. Kent Pride. I plant it near Nandino as the new spring growth is just the same colour, friends have it with Cotinus, both these combinations work better for me than any of the combinations by the designers at Chelsea.

There was much talk on the tv about this being the best Chelsea for some years, but I must say that I didn’t agree.  Many of the gardens were so similar to other years with the same plants and no really cutting edge design or inovations.  i would have awarded only one or two gold medals in the large show gardens category.  The “best in show” was excellent but my favourite was the garden for Cancer Research designed by Robert Meyers.  I thought this garden really proved you could have three quite separate areas including a woodland grove in the space of a show garden so about the size of many real gardens.  It was beautifully planted in a restrained way with silver birches forming the woodland area and a pergola all rounf the garden for shade; there was formality and natural planting, tradition in that the garden was enclosed by a pergola and modernity provided by an interesting pergola.

Of course, Chelsea is always a great place to see lots of tulips and choose colours for next year.  But you’ll have to wait until next spring to see them in my garden!

A very interesting pergola with a circular opening to the sky

I love the box cubes, something I’ve used in designs before now – always a pleasing effect.

7 thoughts on “Chelsea 2010 – Brown Irises

  1. I just had to reply to you because I have just been in the Iris fields near here today and found that Kent Pride caught my eye for its lovely overall look – I want it and to have Dutch Chocolate with it. If you look in my blog you will see my thoughts on these and some other irises.

    • Hi Catherine, thanks for leaving a message. I’m interested to know how did you come accross my blog. My irises finished flowering about a week ago, everything flowers in May here in Italy. I like Irises and they do very well here in Italy but their pleasure is quite fleeting, but as their colours are so varied it’s nice to squeeze them into situations where it might be difficult to find other plants of similar colours.

    • Thank you for visiting my blog and also the name of the Iris. I have Kent Pride and I’m not an expert on Irises so it’s good to know the correct name.

  2. There are so many plants that look similar these days I got confused over the aqualegias in Mark Gregory’s garden. Luckily I just grabbed all the planting lists for the gardens I liked so that I could dribble over them all when I got home! Otherwise I’d have been none the wiser 😉

  3. A lovely post and thank you for your thoughtful appreciation of the Chelsea offering. My favourite and best in show designer was Kate Gould – hidden away at the top corner of the show and boasting excellent planting she also had fabulous spatial awareness for a small space. The Chelsea ‘Flower show’ needs to move on to be the Chelsea ‘arden Design Show’ one of these Millenia!

    • Thank you for your comments. I agree there should be a design show, maybe more on the lines of the one in France, where the gardens remain ‘on show’ for about 5 months – that would be much more realistic and informative.

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