June bloom day – a bit late

I didn’t manage to take photos last Sunday when it should have been my bloom day.  These were all taken on 21st June.  It is interesting to see that last month Rosa mutabilis was in full bloom and it is again now, it had a rest of about 10 days to a fortnight with very few flowers but now has even more than before as the plants have put on lots of new growth.

The lavender is flowering and are covering the pathways

Stars of the garden now are Hemerocallis.  I have many different colours, heights and forms, I think they are all beautiful.

Hemerocallis planted by Rosa mutabilis - the same colour as when the rose first blooms

A surprise has been how well Lilly regale have performed in their second year.  I just left them in the same pot all winter and began watering them when needed in spring.  They are bigger and stronger than last year.

Roses that are flowering well for a second time are: R. mutabilis, R. Molineux, Rimosa climbing and Clair Martin.  R. William Shakespear, Pierre di Ronsard and Sally Holmes continue to flower.  R. Scepter’d Isle is flowering for the first time as the plants on went in during  spring and were tiny so are late to flower this year.

To see everything that is flowering at the moment click on the photo of the lillies.

4 thoughts on “June bloom day – a bit late

    • The lavender is lovely but it grows so big so quickly and makes walking along the paths difficult. I may change it to box one day, I love the formality of the lavender in winter more than the flowers; i think that is telling me something, I could even try mirtle but that may not be reliably hardy during the winter. That would also be less work as that would only need pruning once a year and the lavender, to keep it managable, needs three. There are other day lillies that weren’t open yesterday, I’ll put them in another post.

  1. Hiya christina,
    What is the greyish plant growing inside the squares?
    I always like symmetrical garden beds.
    and I would love to see your R.mutabilis in all its guises.

    • Hi Joco. Thanks for visiting my garden. The formal beds are edged in lavender and are mass planted with Perovskia; a great plant that which has just begun to flower and will continue flowering until the first first, usually November or December. It needs hardly any water, last year I didn’t give it any water until the end of August.
      You can see more photos of the R. mutabilis if you look back to some of the earlier posts. It began flowering at the end of March.

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