A plan comes together

Rosa Westerland

Above: Rosa Westerland

It’s great when flower colours actually come out as you expected when choosing plants from books or on-line.

I wanted the this area of the garden to be full of burnt orange to glow when the setting sun hits them.  Planted nearby are a pomegranate, also with orange flowers and Physocarpus Diabolo which has purple foliage that looks amazing with orange nearby.

Tall Hermerocallis

The tall Hemerocallis, above, is also planted in the back border to compliment the colour of an abutilon that I have there.

Hemerocallis 'Mauna loa'

Also close by is a wonderfully bright kniphofia (I don’t know the name as it was a gift).

I would like to plant some more purple foliage plants with these.  Any ideas for drought tollerant plants would be appreciated.

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