Pruning Wisteria and using tomatoes

About three weeks ago I tied in as many Wisteria stems as I could to make the framework for covering the pergola.  At present the terrance is shaded by the house so each side is shaded at a different time of day which is OK if the wind is not blowing on the part in shade; so the covering of wisteria will give us more flexibility as to where we can sit or eat outside.

By pruning the plants have produced lots of secondary flowers, almost as beautiful as the first flowers in spring.

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this delightful pink penstemon; it has been flowering without interuption since early June.  It is in a bed that doesn’t have regular irrigation, though it has been watered when it looked in need (which amazingly hasn’t been very often), I will try other colours and varieties in other borders.

I have very much enjoyed the combination of Rosa Scepter’d Isle, Rosa Conrad Ferdinand Meyer (which flowered for the first time at the end of March and has flowered intermitently since), this penstemon and pink and white Gaura.  I will add some pink tulips to extend the colour into early spring.  I’ve also planted some very small white Agapanthus which will hopefully flower next year.  The border is backed by a Bay hedge infront of which is a dark purple, cut-leafed elder.

I’ve decided to add some recipe pages so I will be able to find things to cook in future years.  For Gazpacho soup follow this link to the mid-summer page.

2 thoughts on “Pruning Wisteria and using tomatoes

  1. I’m amazed at the growth of the wisteria in the time its been planted. What lovely flowers. Penstemon is such a useful plant .I love the deep maroon ones. They don’t seem to be as robust here. Sour Grapes is very good though.

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