Plant fair in Lucca, Murabilia

Although I am lucky to have a very good nursery here in Viterbo, you would be surprised just how difficult it is to feed my addiction for buying plants. Buying named cultivars is very difficult indeed.  Last weekend there was an excellent plant fair in Lucca and as it coincides with my birthday we decided to go and make a weekend trip (it is do-able in a day) stopping off at the beach for a swim on the way there.

I was looking for plants for the slope, some fillers for other borders and plants on my wish list I hadn’t been able to source locally.  Here is what I bought.  I was also able to speak to an excellent nursery from near Torino and order some other plants to be delivered at another plant fair in Rome.

They aren’t very good here at attaching names to the plants.  I tried to write down or photograph the names of most things (even taking my own plant labels with me) but as always happens, there is a plant without a name.  If you recognise it please let me know what it is.

What is this ?

Changing the subject, I thought you might like to see the locusts in the garden.  I didn’t know the male is so much smaller than the female.

mating locusts


10 thoughts on “Plant fair in Lucca, Murabilia

  1. Your garden keeps getting more and more beautiful. A birthday trip to Lucca sounds perfect. I hope it’s gotten cooler and you’re enjoying the veranda and the fruits of your summer labor! I wish we could spend an afternoon there with you…

    • Hi Donica. Yes it’s coller now and we had a thunder storm in the night, though not enough rain, but at least some. I wish you could share an afternoon in the garden here too.

    • Yes I live very close; I couldn’t work out from your post whether you have visited Bomarzo or would like to. It is probably the strangest garden in the world; so much has been written about it, yet there is still plenty more to say. The Garden of the Hesperides was the garden where Hercules had to collect the golden apples (actually they were quinces) to obtain everlasting life. I’ll post the whole story soon – during the Renaissance almost all gardens where trying to relate themselves to the garden of the Hesperides including Botticelli’s Primavera which has hidden clues as to it’s meaning. It’s like saying my garden is my paradise, or it will be one day.

  2. Sorry it’s taken me so long to return the visit. What pretty plants you bought and the perfect way to spend your birthday!
    I would say your last unnamed plant looks like an Agastache. I have two different orangey ones. The ‘Apricot Sunrise’ that you saw on my last post and ‘Cocktail Peach Margarita’ which is a shorter one. They both smell so good and the hummingbirds love them.

    • Thank you for helping me discover what my purchase was. How wonderful to have humming birds! We have humming bird hawk moths which look like tiny humming birds and they fly and feed in the same way. They’re too quick for me, I haven’t managed to photograph them yet.

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