2010.09.15 September Bloomday

All the photos were taken quite early this morning so the light isn't that good

What a difference a month makes!  August was so hot, now the mornings are cool, typically 15° at 6.30, the temperature rising during the day to about 27° and then cool again in the evening.  We have also had a couple of thunder storms, and although it hasn’t rained very much what rain we’ve had combined with the cooler weather means that the garden is looking more green and the roses are beginning to flower again.  Today the sedums are the stars, literally, of the garden; I really love them when they clump up.

It was quite windy this morning which means some photos were too out of focus to include.  Rosa mutabilis and some salvia are missing from the photos.

For the first time I managed to take a photo of the Gaura that I am pleased with; it has flowered without a break since June with only minimum irrigation.

Gaura has looked wonderful all summer

Click on the photo of Gaura, above, to see all the things flowering this morning.

To see more Bloomday flowers go to http://www.maydreamsgardens.com/  hosted by Carol.


31 thoughts on “2010.09.15 September Bloomday

  1. Christina, you have a quite extraordinary array of plants, many of which I am unable to identify! I’d love to see your garden “in the flesh”. I love the soft morning light, the top picture of the prairie-style planting looks wonderful.

    • Thank you Janet, I have to say, that angle of the garden nearlly always looks good – it’s great when a plan works. I’m intending a prairie style for the slope to be planted in October that I mentioned in my end of month review. If I had more time I should name all the plants. Christina

  2. aloha

    i’m enjoying touring your garden with you today, i’m really enjoying my visit. the first photo really says it all for me with all the grasses and the purple pastel colors, sweet 🙂

  3. I do like your photo of Gaura it is so hard to photograph as are many small white flowers. I keep trying but so far have been unsuccessful

  4. Hi Christina! It’s a lovely garden, no matter it’s already autumn. Those Sedums are gorgeous, and the basil – I almost felt its scent. Is one of the pink roses The Fairy? And I also liked the one with simple flowers and a deeper colour just like that sage (if I’m right). Your post has the atmosphere of a morning garden.

    • Thank you, I’m not sure which rose you mean but I don’t have The Fairy. There were: Sophie’s perpetual, William Shakespear, Tradescant, Scept’ed Isle, Clair Matin, and Stanwell pertetual. Rosa mutabilis is a simple flower and it is flowering (has been all summer) but the wind was blowing to hard for it to be in focus. It was very early and the light is very different from later in the day.

    • Reply 2. You photos were also lovely. I had problems trying to leave a meeage on you blog. I wanted to say that the last photo isn’t perovskia but I think it is Agastache foeniculum ‘Alabaster’. If it turns out to be that it is a coincidence as I posted a photo of a plant I’d purchased and couldn’t identify and that turned out to be an Agastache, the varietiess are so different from each other, you wouldn’t think they were the same species at all.

      • Thank you, Christina! I’ll check it out!

        I’ve recognized it earlier that Blogger directs some comments to the Moderate box I don’t know why. I’ll check that box regularly.

  5. wow, you have so much blooming! I’ll have to double check where you are in the world. It is all lovely. I love gaura too – I love the way it floats above everything else – and what a reliable bloomer. I have done nothing with mine.

    • thank you Wendy. Yes Gaura is great value, mine has been flowering all summer waving around like butterflies flying! They have also self seeded so pleanty more for the future.

  6. aloha,

    what a very nice tour of your garden this morning, i enjoyed the beautiful flowers and the layered effects of the lavenders, whites and purples…wow!

    thanks for sharing that with us

  7. Ciao Christina
    What an amazing array of flowers you have – complimenti! Most things in my garden have given up – perhaps being that little bit further north and slightly higher (we are at 430m) makes a difference? But yes the roses have kept going unusually well this year and I think it must be thanks to all the rain. Let’s hope this means they have put down good roots and can survive better the next assault of drought. (Hard to even think about warmth right now!) I rather agree with you about the weather in central Italy – it is indeed colder than southern England and the annual rainfall is about the same, but we don0t get those endless grey drizzly days that drag on and on. I cannot understand why so many expats go back to London/UK for the winter when there are clear skies and sunshine here.
    A question for you: I have order Conrad F. Meyer but have contradictory info on how tall it grows. What height has yours achieved – is it a proper climber or can it be grown as free-standing shrub? Thanks.

    • Yes I totally agree about the grey heavy clouds of England, give me cold and sunny any day! I don’t quite know why I bought this rose. I planted mine last autumn and so it has by no means grown to its full height yet. It was the first to flower last year – the end of March if my memory serves me well. I’m growing mine as a tall shrub and certainly it has upright growth though not the healthy foliage one associates with rugusa roses. Mine did as the RHS book of roses suggested it would and lost most of its foliage by the end of the first flowering. This didn’t stop it flowering but it didn’t look pretty. The book says that David Auten uses this rose to breed from and certainly the flowers are very similar to Sceptr’d Isle, which has flowered almost non stop even though I planted it in spring and the plants were so small when they arrived I didn’t expect them to live.
      Tanti auguri anche a te. Christina

  8. Your first photo is a stunning shot. Lovely lighting and beautiful planting. I think you had the same problem as me for GBBD because I see that these images are from September. I had to resubmit the URL, yet readers are still going to the older post.

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