Rain drops on roses etc. actually on Gaura

Saturday morning I woke to find that it had rained for some time during the night.  It must have been lovely gentle, English type rain as it hadn’t woken me, or battered down any plants.  The Gaura were already bowed over because they have grown so much they are arching over the roses.  The water droplets sparkled wonderfully in the morning light.

Here are more photos; I think they are so beautiful I wanted to share them with you.

The rain of a couple of weeks ago, even though it was so little has started the Muscari into growth; another 500 arrived last week with my bulb order, so will need to get them into the ground  fairly quickly.

Muscari starting into growth

Seedlings of Cerinthe have emerged too, they are all a bit crowded together so I’ll need to prick them out and space them; I think I’ll put some onto the bank as actually their leaves become rather untidy, but I like them flowering during the winter which they seem to do here, though I seem to remember the seedlings were around much earlier last year.

And finally this might just contain the eggs of the tiger spider!

11 thoughts on “Rain drops on roses etc. actually on Gaura

  1. Scrivo in italiano, perchè il mio inglese non comprende molte parole… purtroppo 😦 Bellissime le foto con le gocce di pioggia, anche io spesso al vivaio rimango incantata nel vedere certi capolavori! Ed una volta ho trovato anche io il nido del ragno tigre, ma non sapevo di che ragno si trattasse! Grazie per l’informazione: sei un’osservatrice molto attenta. 🙂

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