Vegetable Garden update

Red peppers doing well

Here’s what I’m picking now, for more detailed information please go to the Vegetable Page.

The chillies became hotter as the season became hotter


These photos were taken at the beginning of the month and everything has grown a lot.

12 thoughts on “Vegetable Garden update

    • Last year my chillies were very mild and I think that was because they had too much water. I’ve heard that the hotter the sun and the least water makes the chillies hotter. Certainly this year the ones harvested first that were growing when it was cooler were much milder than those that were ripening during August and September. See Veg page for more info about all the vegetables

      • I’ve just been admiring your no-dig beds – I dream of having a kitchen garden, and your layout looks very much like I plan. Interesting about the water thing with chillies, intuitively what you say makes sense. I shall have to look in to it, as I am over wintering a couple of plants in the hope that it gives them a head start next year and that I can crack how to grow them so that they are as hot as they are billed to be…

        • Beds are the only way I could ever contemplate vegetable gardening. They are great in so many different ways. The irrigation can be concentrated where the plants are and not on pathways; one bed never seems too much to weed; because you don’t have to walk between the rows you can squeeze in much more! Good luck with the chillies. Christina

  1. Hi Christina,

    I have no idea why you cannot leave comments on my blog – most strange, but always lovely to hear from you. I have put your latest comment on the blog – perhaps this will mean it works next time (?)

    I will try and sort out subscribe by e-mail, I never got around to putting it on the site 😦

    Your veg is looking fabulous!

    • Thanks Wendy, I just visited your blog and am now inspired to add a garden to table challenge. Today is a public holiday (the day of the dead or All Saints day))and its pouring with rain so this afternoon has already been set aside to deal with some of the last produce from the garden.

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