Autumn Colour and Silver Texture

I always think there isn’t much real autumn colour where I live; but I think I’m wrong!  There is colour – not the wonderful reds, oranges, purples and yellows of England some American states but still beautiful butter yellows are here in my garden.

The Pomegranate has fruited well this year and now the foliage is a lovely yellow contrasting with the orange of the fruit I left on the tree for the birds.

Hostas, the Mulberry and Melia azedarach all have strong yellow colours in their foliage now.

But what struck me the other day while I was busy planting and transplanting was that the silver foliage plants were still looking amazing.  The textures look even better than in high summer because of the low autumn sunlight.

So, for a change to all the colour here’s SILVER!

From the left: Euphorbia myrsinites, Stachys byzantina and Convolvulus cneorum

Euphorbia rigida

An Artemisia - I'm not sure which one

Origanum pseudodictamnus



The textures remind me of  ‘goldwork’ embroidery or lace.

16 thoughts on “Autumn Colour and Silver Texture

  1. Christina, those silver foliage plants look stunning! They never seem to work very well in my garden, hence I don’t currently have any, but massed like that, the contrasting leaf textures are just like antique lace, shimmering in the low light. I particularly love the top of the silver photos. A horizontal section through showing just foliage would make a beautiful picture for a wall, or perhaps a greeting card. Natural artwork.

  2. I hadnt thought of silver as part of the autumn scene but it makes sense that it will be improved by the lower light levels. I think we are programmed to be aware of the reds, oranges of the trees that we often miss other wonderful sights at this time of year

  3. I agree that the series of silver foliage images are beautiful! They often get overlooked but you’ve focused on them in way that really makes them shine on their own.

    We’ve had wonderful color here (which I did not record) but the textures and shades you’ve posted here are lovely. Thanks so much for sharing them!

    • I prune the lavender twice a year; ideally directly after flowering and then again in spring. They grow so fast here that I cut them back to the lowest point where I can see new foliage.

  4. Ciao Chris,

    la pianta “sconosciuta” e’ Origanum pseudodictamnus (Origano di Creta). La tua e’ un esemplare bellissimo!

  5. Your colors really are pretty. I love the shades of green and silver with the buttery yellows. I have a real fondness for silver plants, though many melt in my summer humidity. Artemesia ‘Powis Castle’ is one that has done well for me. I envy your terrific collection!

    • I’m a great believer in right plant for the right place so for me all the silver plants are perfect, they lap up the blazing hot summer and don’t seem to mind the strong hot winds that we get here. My soil is very free draining so that even during wet periods they are usually happy.

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