November in the Vegetable Garden

I began writing this last week so ‘today’ refers to 17th November.  This weekend (20th 21st November) I picked four red peppers and 2 yellow, 3 rather hard skinned aubergines and more broccoli and Romanesco.  I harvested a fennel bulb and made an orange and fennel salad along with a few of last year’s olives.

Here’s what I picked today Sunday 21st.

I didn't expect a crop like this in mid-November

I picked a courgette today, I’m sure it will be the last.  Here’s what ready to eat, some you’d expect but some, like the peppers, are hanging on much longer than I imagined.

Probably the last tomatoes

Chillies are still growing well

These are black chillies

The peppers are a big surprise!

We've already eaten all the primary heads of the broccoli

Romaneso, small but perfectly formed - an example of Fibonacci numbers

I rather doubt the Brussels Sprouts will be ready for Christmas

I use Black Tuscany cabbage in soups

We must use the Fennel before the weather gets cold

7 thoughts on “November in the Vegetable Garden

  1. Cool, here in Romania, in most gardens, cleaning was done.The vegetables are already in jars.People were stuck in their homes, and we, women, start knitting or Gobelins.

  2. Yum! Those tomatoes look all the more tasty for being the last harvest – mine are a distant memory! Love the look of those black chillies – are they hot? What are they called? We used to get Romanesco in our organic veg box, I miss them since we stopped the box scheme, so beautiful, and a better taste than “normal” cauliflower.

    • The tomatoes weren’t that good really, they need hot sun to make them delicious. I haven’t used any of the black chillies yet but I like growing them because the plants themselves and the flowers are rather lovely.

  3. Well, its quite cold here, no veg to speak of, unless you grow brussels. Lots of sunshine tho. What will you do with all those chillies Christina? The black cabbage looks lovely, and the beautiful Romanesco.

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