A country walk in November

You can see the T - the false door to the under world of Etruscan culture

We are lucky to live near an Etruscan archeological site and it is often our destination when we want an interesting walk.  There are often wild flowers and I enjoy the sense of walking in a place inhabited for the last two and a half thousand years.
Feeling cheated of the sunshine of earlier in the week we set out from home in strong drizzle; but as we continued the weather improved.

I saw several flowers determined to flower despite the arrival of autumn.

Verbascum with just a few sunny flowers

Verbascum, standing like soldiers to attention!

Chicory is sort for its edible foliage, a slightly bitter vegetable

And how do you get rid of red-eye – actually yellow eye from cats!

I’ve never seen real cats looking so much like china ones, sitting on the step waiting to be allowed into the farmhouse kitchen.

By the end of our walk the rain had stopped and the sun, low in the sky was lighting the foliage and landscape with amazing colour.

7 thoughts on “A country walk in November

  1. Christina, that last picture it totally stunning, what a wonderful reward for going for a walk in unpromising weather. I wasn’t so lucky yesterday – set out under slate grey skies but at least it was dry. Got home just as the rain started up again. So I suppose that was luck of a sort…

    Your first photo was faintly spooky – maybe all that history?

  2. That looks like a very uplifting walk and the cats are quite weird with yellow guys. I saw chicory flowers last year and was quite beguiled by it to the extent I might grow chicory just for the flowers

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