Happy Christmas

A very Happy Christmas to all my blogging friends!  Thank you to everyone who has left a comment on the blog since I started in March, your encouragement and enthusiasm has meant so much to me.

Last weekend I cooked an English style Christmas dinner for my Italian gardening friends, including trifle, which was a new experience for everyone.

English Trifle

We have been lucky and managed to reach family in Suffolk; partly this was due to some guardian angel that meant that I booked our flights to Gatwick and not as I thought I was doing to Heathrow (all flights from Rome to Heathrow were cancelled but those to Gatwick went ahead, albeit a couple of hours late.  Then the car was booked from Heathrow but with all the cancelled flights we were able to pick up the car there anyway.  I feel very fortunate as I know so many people have had their plans to be with family ruined.  The roads were clear but the countryside around glowed with white, making our journey quite magical.  The snow has now cleared here.

After the December Bloomday on the 15th December we had a very cold few days with temperatures dropping to at least minus 6° C (and that was at 6.30 in the morning.  Note to self – buy a max/min thermometer and start using a rain gage to understand what is happening weather-wise.

The remaining pepper plants are now dead, even the black Tuscany cabbage didn’t look to happy though I think it will recover if the cabbage white caterpillars don’t eat them.  I would have thought that the minus temperatures would have killed the caterpillars but no, they are very hardy and there are no wasps to eat the eggs now!

I’m looking forward to reading all the end of year reviews and maybe your plans for 2011 next week.

With my very best wishes for a peaceful Christmas and 2011. Christina

11 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

  1. Well done, Christina, in heeding your guardian angel. I got stuck last Friday when I was supposed to return via Heathrow and almost abandoned hope; in the end I managed (again by happy accident) to get booked onto an EasyJet flight out of Gatwick on Tuesday, but had I relied on BA I think that I would still be there!
    I hope that your return journey is as smooth and that you find at least some remaining Cavolo Nero in the orto – the caterpillers have eaten most of mine.
    Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,

  2. Christina, da noi in questi casi si dice: “Non tutti i mali vengono per nuocere!” 🙂 e certe volte è proprio vero!!! Anche io quando ho sentito che i voli per Heathrow erano tutti cancellati ho pensato che il tuo sbaglio era stato provvidenziale,,,

  3. Thanks for the greeting. I spent a Christmas with his family in peace and quiet.
    I wish you a new year much, much better and “Gardening with love”!

  4. Glad your guardian angel meant you got to spend Christmas with your family. I too have been saying that I need an outside thermometer – its on my birthday list as I will forget I want one by March!

    Hope you have had a lovely Christmas and best wishes for 2011

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