February Bloomday

Another Bloomday is here and there is a real feeling of spring in the air.

We have had the most amazing 2 weeks of sunny warm weather, although some nights have been below freezing.  The good weather has meant that most of the weeding of the beds is done, I’ve pruned the Wisteria and most of the roses and the beds are mulched to help reduce the weeding later on.

As I was working I could see many of the Tulips are coming up, this means I’ll have to prune back the Perovskia in the formal beds very soon or we’ll be treading on the tulips planted there.

I found these dainty, nodding violas near the hedge, I didn’t plant them, they just arrived, so extra special for that reason.  Click on the photo to see what else is flowering today.

A very happy February bloomday to everyone and a special thank you to Maydreams garden, where you can see all the flowers blooming around the world.  Thanks again Carol

14 thoughts on “February Bloomday

  1. Hi Christina, gorgeous blossom close-ups, and your euphorbia is looking wonderful. The violas are delightful, and as you said, all the more special for having chosen their own home. How wonderful that the weather has allowed you to get so much done in the garden. I find myself watching the forecast obsessively trying to work out when my next dry day is likely to be to make sure I don’t have other things planned that would get in the way of making the most of it in the garden. Still, the bulbs are clearly enjoying the moist weather. Have a great week in your lovely garden.

  2. You’ve go a lot blooming! Those sweet Violas are my favorite though. I’m hoping I’ll find some volunteering in my garden sometime. It’s so nice getting that first big weeding out of the way so you can enjoy the spring bulbs.

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