Signs of Spring

Today has been bitterly cold again; too cold to work outside but I di walk around the garden very quickly and discovered that things are beginning to happen.

1st flower of Clematis armandii

Clematis armandii has opened its first flower, this was low down, and probably getting some protection from the pillar and Rosa Clair Martin that is growing strongly, pushing out new shoots. It was planted in autumn 2009 and is now beginning to inch its way across netting on the pergola around the house.

Muscari under the olives and in beds around the garden are now flowering, not just the odd one or two brave individuals as it was on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

Rather satisfyingly, buds on Wisteria profuse are enlarging after the plants were pruned in January; they now promise flowers, when I’m not sure, either the end of March or beginning of April?

I love Wisteria and dream of when the whole pergola will be covered and dripping with flowers.

I think that it is this ‘promise’ of things to come that make me love gardening so much, without the buds and shoots it would feel so much like it was still the middle of winter rather than the beginning of spring.

6 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. What a chilly and uninviting day it has been today! At least the forecats snow did not reach us. Your garden seems to be a week or two ahead of mine – the Muscari are still hidden in their leaves. I must try and venture out tomorrow to see if there are signs of my Clematis armandii flowering yet. Happy springtime – when it finally gets here!

    • This week has been very cold but as you say at least no snow. The Muscari started flowering so suddenly. Last weekend there were none under the olives and then by Wednesday – masses

  2. How lovely. The clematis flower is beautiful. Ours is nowhere near flowering yet, which reminds me, I really must prune and tie in the climbing rose before it gets too out of hand. The wisteria should look gorgeous, will look forward to seeing it in all its glory. I’m not sure I have the correct disposition for wisteria, I love it, but it does need to be pruned correctly to flourish. I tend to be a little haphazard… Yours looks positively burgeoning.

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