The tulips have begun – yeah!!!!!!!!!

I love tulips.  I spend all winter just waiting to see how my choices will look.

With last week’s weather being more like summer than spring (yesterday it was too hot to work in the middle of the day) – the tulips are all flowering together.  Single earlies and single lates all together so I know I don’t usually just post images but please just indulge me in this.

T. Double Dazzle, they do too!

T. West Point

T. Dordogne

T. Parrot type Rococo

T. Peach Blossom - they are very short but amazing

T.White Swan

T. Brown Sugar - good enough to eat

.....and looking in the other direction

T. White Dream in the formal beds

And then of course there is the Wisteria, my other favourite flower.  I have been watching the buds get fatter and fatter.  But the bisrds have done this to two plants (plus all the 4 white wisteria):

This is how the others look:

and like this:

Finally I saw a butterfly feeding on Viburnum Carlessii; from a distance I thought it was a Peacock, then close too I wasn’t so sure, the colours weren’t as vivid as is usual, then on third thoughts I do think its a peacock but one that has over-wintered as an adult and is very much the worse for wear.  what do you think?

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16 thoughts on “The tulips have begun – yeah!!!!!!!!!

  1. Glorious Christina, truly glorious! I love the river of Brown Sugar alongside the muscari, and I love the massed white tulips in the formal garden too. So sad to have lost so many wisteria buds to the birds, but what you do have remain beautiful. I’d love to see wisteria flowering alongside my Magnolia. Maybe I will try to do that in my next garden!

    • As long as the birds don’t eat any more I still have lots to enjoy! Wisteria and Magnolia would be amazing! I went to visit a garden on Saturday (a rare opportunity here) which had a collection of Magnolia, truely beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous tulips! You have so many kinds, but White Swan is my favorite, I don’t think I have ever seen a tulip with frilly edges. Your garden is beautiful, thanks for the pictures.

    • Thank you Masha. There are several tulips with frilly edges, usually called ‘Fringed’ – I have others that you’ll see soon in my posts – they usually last a long time too.

  3. Brown Sugar is amazing, I have added it to my list. Every year I wonder why I didnt order more tulips. They are wonderful. I cant imagine it being too hot to garden!

    • I’m going to order more Brown Sugar for the back bed. the colour is lovely and it is tall which tulips often aren’t in my garden as you know. It isn’t too hot today, there’s a cool wind. Christina

  4. Beautiful tulips! ‘Brown Sugar’ does look good enough to eat. The Muscari set them off wonderfully.

    You have a great setup for your Wisteria with that nice big pergola. I hope the birds leave many flowers for you to enjoy!

    • The pergola with Wisteria has always been a dream for me, I’m enjoying every moment of the blooms and am hoping that this year it will provide shade. Thanks for visiting.

  5. Fabulous, fabulous tulips, I shall come back for a closer look later. Although the earlies have been and gone the rest are not showing colour yet, and I hope they stay closed up as we have much rain and high winds just now.
    I had double dazzle last year and it is an amazing colour

    • Most types of Tulip flower at more or less the same time here, though there are some of the later ones that will be out the end of this week rather than the beginning. I’m sure I ordered Double Dazzle after seeing yours last year.

  6. Amazing tulips. I really love the Brown Sugar over the tiny deep blue spires of muscari – and the White Dream in the formal beds, such beautiful and restrained planting.

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