Peonies at Easter

On Sunday I went to visit the local specialist in peonies.  There are fields and fields of peonies that they not only sell as plants but in a range of cosmetics.  As it looks as if something has eaten the buds on mine I’ll share these with you instead.

Click on the photo below to see a vast array.

6 thoughts on “Peonies at Easter

  1. Good heavens Christina, I’m not quite sure where to start! That wisteria covered pergola is extraordinary, I’ve never seen one so long. Do they have anything else planted over it to take over when it has finished flowering? As to the peonies, every time I thought I had found my favourite a new one popped up and supplanted it. I much prefer the simpler forms, and rather fell for one of the pale pink ones, but I think the white one with the purple centre is the one I loved the most. So sorry something at the buds on yours – did you replace it? How many did you walk away with?!

    • My favourite was actually the same as yours, Janet – white with the dark blotch. It was also delicately scented. They flower for such a short time I wasn’t temped to buy any. The prices aren’t cheap either and I can visit the farm free when they are flowering.

    • I’m pretty sure that the one we like is a Rockii type. They were jsut coming out so there may be others we would like. The herbacious ones were still in tight bud.

  2. What an amazing place, and amazing slideshow! The very long pergola with the wisteria was magnificent; the fragrance must have been wonderful too.

    No way could I pick a favorite among all of those peonies. The purple iris are beautiful too.

    • Somehow the simplicity of the Irises makes them almost more important! Also their solid block of strong dark colour opposite to all the different hues of the peonies

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