Views from my windows

I haven’t been posting as much as I would like, but it is either actually get things done or write about doing them!

After several weeks of hot sunny weather yesterday afternoon we finally had a couple of hours of rain.  The first hour was extremely heavy, monsoon-like battering down the plants, the second hour was just what every gardener wants – steady but not damaging rain that really penetrates the soil.  Given that the temperature in the morning was about 27 ° C of even a little higher the result is that you can almost see the plants growing now.  Today is humid, hot and there was another shower, although not really enough to do more than wet the surface.

I would like to share with you the views from my windows, this will give you an idea of which bed I’m talking about in future posts and as some of the windows are quite high it is a bit like looking at a plan of the garden.  I am slowly trying to write details of each bed which will appear in Borders and areas within the garden, this will help me see the progress and changes that have occurred and remind me of all the plants in each bed.  I actually took these photographs a month ago and a lot has already changed, the roses flowered, were wonderful and have now more of less finished their first flowering; they have been dead headed and I need to feed them so they will flower again.  The only rose that is still looking amazing is R. Sally Holmes.

Upper Drive border and part of Large Island

Above you can see the drive, with to the right of the picture the olives with just grass and wild flowers under them.  The upper drive bed joins the Slope (you can’t see that from the windows but you can see progress there on my End of Month Views) and continues, wrapping around the Large Island, The Circular Rose Bed and the Small Island eventually becoming the Back Border which in turn joins the Left Hand Border.

A closer view of the Upper Drive Border

Part of the Large Island

I laid out the island shapes using hose pipe to help decide on the most pleasing shapes – this did involve a lot of going up and down my very steep stairs so quite a healthy exercise.

Above: The circular rose bed, with a small section of the Large Island (foreground, right) with the edge of the Upper Slope and a small piece of the Back border.

The Formal Garden

It is now becoming difficult to walk between the lavender hedges of the formal garden as they have grown so much and are about to flower.

Here is the Left Hand Border (in April 2010)

Rosa mutabilis hedge separates the vegetable garden from the drive and the back of the house

And finally the vegetable garden.

I hope that this helps to understand the layout of the garden.  The property is 3,000 square metres including the house, the olives and a portion outside the fence which I will be writing about in future end of month views.

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13 thoughts on “Views from my windows

  1. This is fun for the gardener too. When he went up on the roof and took pictures for us, it gives quite literally, a new perspective, a new way of looking at our garden. And what to do next?!

    This looks worthy of Yellow Book status, and opening to visitors?

    • Thank you for the’ Yellow Book’ status. If they ever go international I would love to take part, as it is if you are on holiday in Italy and want to visit, email me and you’d be very welcome. Christina

  2. Hello again, Christina – oh I know this only too well “I haven’t been posting as much as I would like, but it is either actually get things done or write about doing them! LOL… there are times I fail with both 😉

    Wow… I do love your first window view! Love the curves and good widths of paths too. I also love the view of the Island beds. Reminds me a bit of Beth Chatto’s Gravel Garden when I visited a number of years ago. Very nice indeed :-)))

    Wow again… I can’t believe how much space you have. Not really a formal garden person except when it has a sense of place and yours looks like it has just that. After visiting a lavender nursery 2 years ago I can imagine the smells and sounds of bees buzzing… and you have a good sized veg plot!

    It’s no wonder, Christina, that you have had trouble getting near your blog. What a wonderful garden you have. Thanks for popping by mine. I’ve really thrilled you can see the live nature cams here in the UK 😀

  3. Christina, thanks for visiting my blog, I have just spent a happy hour reading yours. Your garden is so beautiful with all the plants that I would love to grow but can’t on my heavy Devonshire clay !

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself in my garden, Pauline. I think we are drawn to looking at gardens that are different to our own, I enjoyed your mown grass and I follow a shade gaden and a woodland garden; blogging makes all this fun and informative. Christina

  4. Yes, everything has grown hugely. Before being laid the paths were sprayed with herbicide, then all the roots of the couch grass dug out, then there is a membrane and then gravel – the weeds do grow but usually only annual seed from the top and so they are eay to remove. Christina

  5. Wonderful!
    The Formal Garden is my favorite, I think. It was so alive with color when the tulips were blooming! And it is about to be washed in purples… at least I assume they are all lavendula of the blue variety.

    Thanks for the views! And thank you for all of your visits and kind comments at WMG!!

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