Yesterday’s Harvest

The time is beginning when it takes longer to harvest crops than it does to do other jobs in the garden.  I think this is a fact often over-looked by us gardeners.  It is a joy but it can also become just another chore; you have to do it too otherwise plants won’t carry on flowering and producing more, especially zucchini (courgettes) cucumbers and beans.

330 g raspberries

about 150 g black currants, and that's nearly all of them - not good

There were 3 figs, I ate one direct from the tree!

We need to eat beans every day this week, there are so many to pick

there are some zucchini every day now.

Tomatoes and basil for a salad

All the above took about 35 minutes to pick.

There weren’t any cucumbers yesterday but on Sunday I picked seven!

Happy harvesting
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9 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Harvest

  1. How beautiful those vegetables look,shiny and full of health. I can pick rocket and herbs for a salad, and thats it. Blackcurrants are sparse here too,and the leaves are yellow in places.This is very rare in our wet county, but a dry Spring is not what they need it seems.

    • Blackcurrants need a cold winter and then, as you say, a wet spring to produce well; I should remove this and manage without blackcurrants. Too much space for not enough return! The red currant has grown hugely, more than doubled in size, I’ll have to see what the crop is like from that, it’s silly to use so much space when they’re not producing a crop. There are other things I would like to try. Christina

  2. What a fantastic harvest from your garden and so early in the year, it will be another few weeks before we are able to have such a beautiful show of fruit and veg. Our blackcurrant bushes are laden with fruit so soon we will be picking them, but everything else is a long way behind yours, must be your higher temperatures.

    • We are at least 4 weeks ahead of you for most plants and crops; this year it has been so hot early it is probably 6 weeks! Lucky you with the blackcurrants, ENJOY! Christina

  3. My blackcurrants are also looking a bit sparse, but I’m hoping I have enough to make ribena with. I should be getting harvests soon, I am currently getting herbs and salad, but the first of things won’t be far away, especially the strawberry harvest!!

  4. Your comments about the harvest are right on target. With flowering plants, it’s dead-heading and pruning, and with vegetables and herbs, it’s picking, cleaning, cooking, freezing, and replanting other crops when early crops are done. (I put a second crop of beans in after the peas are done.) I dry a lot of my own herbs to use throughout the rest of the year and even with a dehydrator, it’s still a big job. Your harvest is spectacular, and I can hardly wait until we are eating beans, peas, and tomatoes from the garden every day! Right now, we are salads of fresh lettuce and cilantro, eagerly awaiting the first tomatoes. Great garden harvest and I peeked back at earlier posts as well, and all of your beds are gorgeous!

    • I don’t thnk any of the books ever mention just how long it takes to harvest, even though it is of course great to be eating home produced veg and salads. Christina

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