My Breakfast today

Yesterday when I opened the greenhouse door in the morning there was an overwhelming perfume of MELON!  So this morning I ate just fruit for breakfast, all of it from the garden.

All harvested yesterday afternoon

There were many more raspberries and strawberries but I’d eaten them before I thought about writing this post!

The melon weighed in at 1.75 kg, its weight was just beginning to make the stalk come away from the fruit.  Here it is growing in the greenhouse and in all its glorious stages.

In the greenhouse, at the end of last month

Just picked

Cut, it was very juicy

I still can’t quite believe that I can grow melons, which is the reason for the excessive number of images.  Those of you who have this Ikea chopping board will understand the size of the melon.

Figs are really my favourite fruit and this year there are more than ever before but the birds have also decided they rather like them so I don’t know how many they will leave for me.  The strawberries are being very productive and the raspberries are still producing enough to eat some every couple of days; new stems have grown that will produce more fruit next month, I imagine.

We are eating meals that consist many of vegetables as there is so much produce being harvested.  Yesterday evening we barbeque-grilled peppers, sliced aubergine and zucchini (courgettes) and I made a tomato salad with T. Mamande precoce (early) and a yellow pear-shaped tomato that I grew from seed that came from a tomato a friend gave me 18 months ago (I had been worried that they wouldn’t come true from the seed as she had many different varieties.

The green herb on the tomatoes is a thyme-like herb that tasted of pepper, sometimes I use basil as well.

Grilled aubergine and zucchini


Refreshing Cucumber and yogurt

For a little appetizer I cooked a cob of sweetcorn.

There is something so very satisfying about harvesting and eating immediately crops from the garden.  I especially love picking strawberries and raspberries and eating them still warm from the sun.

9 thoughts on “My Breakfast today

  1. What a feast! Wonderful post! You can look back in January and remember its glory.

    We have been feasting on lettuce and peas so far; chives, cilantro and basil seasoning. Tomatoes are still green, but coming.

    • Today several of the tomato plants growing in the greenhouse were so loaded with heavy fruit that the bamboo canes bent right over (they were probably a bit light anyway. Yes fresh fruit is certainly something for the summer.

  2. That is good, healthy eating! I planted a fig tree in a pot on my patio this year. It was only a few inches tall, but I am thrilled that there is now a tiny fig growing on it and several more just about to form. So maybe I’ll get to taste fresh fig this year. Your garden is like an Eden, filled with delights for the eyes and stomach!

    • Yes, no excuse for eating badly, although of course strawberries are also rather good with cream! Very perceptive of you, Hesperides garden is the perfect garden where Hercules collected the Golden Apples (actually they were quinces) and in Renaissance gardens referances to this 11th labour signifies a paradise ot perfect garden so that is my aim. It is already a paradise for me to be able to work on this garden. Christina

  3. Che meraviglia Christina! :-))) Manco da un po’ di tempo dal tuo blog… ma il tuo è veramente il Giardino delle Esperidi!!!! Complimenti: è una vera gioia vedere i risultati del tuo lavoro e quanto tu appezzi gli squisiti frutti della tua terra! Bravissima!!!

  4. Scrumptious! That melon makes me yearn for a polytunnel so that I can grow them too. Maybe one day. Your meals sounds delicious – I am going to be grilling courgette for lunch today too, though my tomatoes are not yet ready to accompany them. Congrats on the great harvest.

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