18 thoughts on “A Word for Wednesday, illumination

  1. I like the lighting here- I was taking some photos when the wind was blowing in the sunshine, and all the silvered backs of the leaves showed and glinted like this. The seedheads are nice-what are they?

    • I don’t mind lightning but when it continues for 3 hours, I’ve had enough. Also there was lightning and thunder for about an hour before it started to rain! The seedheads are from a small tree which has bird of paradise type flowers, Caesalpinia gilliesii. It really needed the rain, it was loosing all it’s leaves. Christina

    • Thank you, I think framing a picture is one of the most important things to think about, it was more important before digital where you can crop and change everything. This wasn’t cropped. Is as was taken. Christina

  2. Wow, I love how all the elements in the photo work together. Especially the light and the dark, and the highlights in the foreground and background. Great example of illumination.

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