Word for Wednesday – Repose

Repose, garden walk garden talk has found some great images to represent this word.

Sadly today I’m very short of time but I wanted to join in so here are a couple of images, you may have to work out why they mean repose to me yourself!

The seed of Ascelepia tubarosa reposes against Rosa L D Braithwaite

Rain drops reposing on the stems of Gaura

A spider reposes on its web - or is it just waiting for prey

Reposing - what cats do best

Autumn a time for nature to repose but not for gardeners.

35 thoughts on “Word for Wednesday – Repose

  1. Hi Christina,I love the cats, which look as tho they might stop reposing in a second and jump! The raindrops on the gaura are lovely.L

  2. How true in your last beautiful image. Do gardeners ever get rest? The snow is coming and shoveling seems like a garden chore to me. That is really a pretty spider, as we do not have ones so colorful. Thanks for joining. You have great examples.

    • Shovelling snow sounds like very hard work indeed, but I wouldn’t thnk of it as a garden chore! The spider is Argiope bruennichi and thee are several webs in the garden, they are beautiful but also a little scary. Christina

    • I was really pleased with the raindrops image, quite artistic for me. The autumn image was last year, 20th November 2010, autumn hasn’t arrived here yet but I can feel its on its way. Christina

  3. I havent come across this meme but I am hoping to try and join in. I like your repose pictures, I dont know what I would have posted, I suspect this meme might be too cerebal for me!!

    • I’m sure you’d do better than me, Helen, but it is a fun thing to see what everyone comes up with. I think it is quite a new meme, this is only my second time. It’s every two weeks and the images don’t need to be taken that week, almost all mine were from last year. Christina

  4. Beautiful repose examples, i most certainly love most the raindrops and the autumn photos. I just realized after posting my repose photos that there’s a lot of them actually. I thought at the beginning that it is difficult.

  5. Your Autumn image whispers softly of sweet repose. I was going to say SHOUT but that wouldn’t reflect much repose… it really is stunning. Thank you for your visit and for your very kind comment… I’m missing those little creatures.

    • The comments about the cats are equally divided between those that love them and those that hate them. I can claim no credit for them being together, I came accross them sitting like this. Christina

  6. I like all of your autumn images, but those glowing kitty eyes are something! The raindrops photo is also quite striking. I agree that autumn is a time for the land to rest but for gardeners to get busy. I am way behind, but I plan to be in full gardening gear next week when I have a few days off work If the weather will cooperate!

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