19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Happiness is the olives harvested!

  1. you are very early with the olives…. this year not so good for us… but we still have 100 ltrs. from last years spectacular harvest (300 litri)
    Hope we can get together this fall.

  2. Wow you have absolutely loads!! Hope you enjoy using your lovely oil. We have an olive tree that grows and produces flowers and then little dots which fall off, Have you any tips for olive growing? i.e how can can I actually get olives 😉

    • You needs several months of hot sun to produce olives. Here it is sunny and hot for at least June, July, August and often September too. They don’t like water during the summer so I think it will be difficult for you to get many olives until global warming has changed the seasons in the north of England. Christina

        • Established trees don’t need irrigation,as with all new plantingyou may need to irrigate new trees.
          I’ve cured them under water and salt, both work well. You can also just dry them and then put them under oil. Christina

  3. That’s a wonderful amount of oil! I am so greasily envious!
    I think italian olive oil is the best ever, when I lived abroad it was something I really missed. More than coffee and pasta. Well not more than pizza though!

    • I find olive picking strangely relaxing although it is hard work. So I would say try it! To join GBFD just write a post on the 22nd about some aspect of foliage and add the link to your comment on my post, easy as that. I look forward to reading your post. Christina

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