December GBBD, there are still roses

I am finding it impossible to believe that it is time for December GBBD.  As you will see from the slideshow of what’s flowering today in My Hesperides Garden, the range of blooms would lead you to believe that is was late May.  So Carol at Maydreams who hosts this great meme would be happy in my garden today.  Please visit her to see what’s blooming around the world today; don’t forget it’s nearly midsummer in the southern hemisphere, so forget the winter blues and visit these summer gardens.

Rosa Clair Matin has been flowering profusely since May

Almost all the roses have some blooms, they had more before the rain on Monday but hey, it’s December.  Other plants I wouldn’t expect to see blooming now (would I really expect anything?) is Lavender, the Philadelphus, and the orange Abutilon – this seems to have more flowers than at any time during this year.


Papery Abutilon adding some unseasonal orange to the garden

Looking back at last December, there were quite a lot of roses then too and one Lavender plant had flowers, but a different variety than the one flowering now.  But I also posted images of frost covered foliage in early December 2010 and we haven’t had any yet this year although snow is forecast for next Monday!  With this in mind I moved the pots of lemons, limes and oranges into the greenhouse which suddenly feels very small (what will I do when the citrus all grow?).  I picked the limes before moving them, they are losing their green colour, I think they are over ripe; I’m surprised there are 18 limes, I’m going to juice them freezing some juice for Thai recipes and I may drink the rest, I like lime juice.

I should have taken the photographs yesterday as it was a calm sunny day, but I like to be honest and take the photos on the day I’m actually writing the post and today was cloudy, dull and worse for the photographs it was very windy.  I apologise now that some images are not focused as well as they should be.  Please click on the image below to see everything that is blooming today.

View towards the circular bed

Despite the numerous flowers in the garden to be really honest what I’m enjoying most is the structure of the garden and the foliage; don’t forget to join me on 22nd December for GBFD (Garden Bloggers Foliage Day) – forget the presents, forget the Mince pies and the shopping, get out into the garden and see what foliage is performing for you.

If you’re new to GBFD you can hopefully be inspired to write a post yourself by viewing last month’s post here.

19 thoughts on “December GBBD, there are still roses

  1. Beautiful—still can’t get over abutilon outside. In response to your comment, my blog is for my nursery customers so I think it is more helpful for them to see what I consider ornamental for the previous month than get a static view of one day. I wouldn’t even find the one day helpful for me because what is happening on any one day is so arbitrary because of the weather and other factors.

  2. Well I have to post memories of blooms since everything is gone including foliage…brown, dead and waiting for snow…I have a fun post though next week with foliage from a recent trip…I love the shrubs and the lovely blooms especially the lavender..

  3. Wow, it really looks like late spring, doesn’t it? I’m not that lucky, my roses are still bare root and we have rain these days. Did you replace the dead box? Anyway abutilon and philadelphus are really weir at this time of the year! I gave up with GBBD for this month because I didn’t have the time to take pics, I hope I will join your meme on 22nd.

  4. I’m surprised that its your last photo that I like most as I don’t normally like this sort of planting but it is definitely growing on me. It is fascinating to compare this year’s blooms with last December’s

    • Hi Helen, I used to be like you and not like formal box etc. planting but somehow it gets to us all in the end – I’m not sure why; even my husband said the other day that he liked the lavender more now its clipped than when it was flowering and he’s not really a gardener! Christina

  5. Christina, nice garden images and blooms. I think your photos are very good, not blurry like you mentioned. I did what you mentioned would be better, I took photos on two consecutive days, the 13th and 14th. It snowed like crazy one day and the next the temps rose into the fifties. I have image of roses both days, some faring better than others as a result. With schedules, sometimes it is hard to take images on a specified day and like Carolyn mentioned, and my post implies, the weather changes drastically here from hour to hour, so it does not give an accurate account to a particular day. This morning, birds were singing in warm sunshine, now it is raining like crazy, and tomorrow it will be in the low thirties with snow likely. That is what it is like in Western New York.

    • The weather is quite changable here in the winter; this week we had a lovely day on Tuesday, followed by rain on Wednesday and howling winds today and snow forecast for tomorrow. Christina

  6. Refreshing. Thanks for the walk around. I think I like the Abutilon best too 🙂 So happy.

    We are headed for snow… I think. They keep telling us it is coming and then I wake up to find it unusually warm again. I am sure it will come eventually.

    Happy GBBD!

  7. Oh what a delight. I can only dream of December roses and lavender plants here in south west Missouri USA. Thanks for sharing your beautiful blooms.

  8. Your photos certainly belie the season; I can’t believe it is December in your garden! I really like the last picture, some wonderful structure and tones.

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