I just love winter sunsets! Wordless Wednesday

One of many positive features of the cold, sunny, clear days is the beautiful sunset almost every day.

Here are some from the last few days.

A quick reminder that Sunday is the 22nd of the month; I hope you’ll join in Garden Bloggers Foliage Day; winter is the time of year when foliage plays such an important role in the garden.

Cold but beautiful

A few clouds make it even better

Even the sky to the East had lovely colours

Nature really does know how to put on a show.

I hope you are enjoying some beautiful sunsets too.

13 thoughts on “I just love winter sunsets! Wordless Wednesday

  1. Lovely views. I keep seeing wonderful skies on my way to and from work but I am always driving and there is never anywhere convenient to pull over plus inevitably I dont have my camera!
    Thanks for sharing

    • Italian houses are designed so that the winter sun shines in to warm the house whereas in some the windows are in shadow, I really noticed this when I was putting my dough to rise on the windowcill, it was warmer in winter than spring or summer! Christina

  2. I was just thinking the same thing about winter sunsets. I grabbed my camera several times this last week to take photos of the sun setting. I think I like your last photo the best!

  3. Wonderful photos Christina. The light at this time of year always makes for great photography. On a different note I have given you an award – pop over to my blog to pick it up. Jason.

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