Is This a Phlomis? Help please

While at the Botanic Garden in Phoenix I photographed this plant (there was no plant label).  I assumed it was a Phlomis and that I would be able to find its name and hopefully be able to buy some seeds easily when I returned home.  It isn’t in any of my books and a quick search on line hasn’t thrown up anything similar.  Any ideas would be gratefully received. Thank you

15 thoughts on “Is This a Phlomis? Help please

    • Maybe, it looks similar but the petals are shorter. Leonitis leonurus (sin. Phlomis leonitis) is a South African plant and I think all the plants at the Botanic garden were natives. Thanks for the prompt reply. Christina

  1. Certainly looks like a Phlomis and the seedheads look like phlomis seedheads. Apparently there are more than 100 species of phlomis, 3 that I thought might be vaguely similar were Phlomis longifolia, P cretica or P sierra Elvira, don’t know if this is any help or not, hope so!

    • Maybe the colour wans’t true on the post. One of the reasons the plant caught my eye was that it is orange, I colour I now use quite a lot in my garden, so far Scott’s suggestion seems the most likely

  2. I’d agree with Scott that it looks like a Leonotis – perhaps Leonotis nepetifolia? That is still not quite native to the US, but apparently not uncommon in Mexico.

  3. I think I might have found your flower in this months Gardeners World magazine. In an article about annuals they show a photo of Leonotis leonurus and the flowers and leaves look exactly as in your photo, hope this is some help!

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