GBFD Emerging from the snow

For a couple of weeks there hasn’t been much foliage visible in My Hesperides Garden; snow buried everything but now green is emerging from white and colour returns to the garden.

Prostrate rosemary, even more prostrate than usual

Snow can damage evergreen plants; pushing down the branches; the box were splayed open.  I wanted to brush the snow away and take the weight off the stems but the branches were also very brittle in the freezing temperatures and I didn’t want it to be me to cause the damage.

The beautiful early foliage of Cerinthe is more obvious than its flowers

There are new leaves on the evergreen Eleagnus

The evergreen shrubs I planted are now beginning to give the structure I wanted to the planting.  In summer with herbaceous plants flowering they tend to fade into the background but in winter with, or without, the snow they add form, mass and height to the borders.  I like the solid form of this Eleagnus  – it has formed this shape naturally, I haven’t pruned it to make it solid.  If possible I choose plants that will grow into a beautiful shape naturally as I’m not keen on plants that have been pruned to death!

Today the 21st the sun is shining and the temperature has risen significantly, from hardly topping zero centigrade to today’s warm 10 or more in the sun degrees.

Euphorbia rigida is anything but rigid but coloured bracts are beginning to turn their faces to the sun and suddenly it feels that spring will be here soon.

Euphorbia rigida

Euphorbia misenites is growing already

Fresh new sedum foliage

There is new foliage emerging from under the dead stems of sedum, I will have to remove the old stems and I will lift and divide the plants that are very large to increase their numbers; I would like to mass-plant some Sedum onto the bank.

Libertii peligrins is at last bulking up

Green and glossy Acanthus leaves under the Mulberry

Now that the snow has nearly disappeared I have found some blooms that weren’t visible on GBBD but in February it isn’t the blooms that make the garden interesting or that tempt me outside on an icy morning it is the beauty of the foliage that attracts.  I admit that what pleases me most is that it is still light at 17.32 and will be for another half hour, and the beautifully marbled leaf of Huchera ‘Plum Pudding’

Huchera 'Plum Pudding'

What foliage is giving you pleasure at the moment?  Do leave a comment and link to your post on foliage this month.  It can be about just one plant or your whole garden, whatever you like.

21 thoughts on “GBFD Emerging from the snow

  1. Christina it is good to see your garden came through all that snow with little damage…my garden has no real foliage to look at…what was green is gone due to critters and the rest is looking bedraggled, brown and pretty icky…it is the end of winter look that begs for a warm up so I can prune and clean. The warm days are only occurring on work days and weekends I find are cold, wet and snowy…in March I will be linking in for GBFD promise!!

  2. Christina, it’s lovely to see Libertia again. I used to grow that particular one years ago. And you have cerinthe. I grew that as an annual every year but later. I’ve enjoyed looking at your foliage we have nothing much to speak of…

    • I searched everywhere for Libertia after I saw it at RHS Wisely and then in flower at RHS Rosemore; eventually I found it in a small nursery in Ireland when I was working there and I bought it back with me. I love its colour and stiff leaves. Christina

  3. How lovely to see your garden emerging again. You must be pleased to see the back of all that snow. It’s a bit milder here now, no frosts at the moment but I’m still wearing 2 pairs of socks and 3 layers of jumpers when gardening (I hate feeling the cold). I can’t wait to feel the warmth of the sun on my back.

  4. Christina,
    So glad that you are coming out of the cold! We have a few crocuses outside today, which are at least a month early! Nice surprise, though we will have a lot more snow again I am sure and probably more than once.

    I decided to link my succession post on the Driveway Garden, since it really is the lavender and evergreen phlox that keeps it looking nice all year round… even today in February.

    Happy GBFD!

  5. Beautiful images! I have no foliage yet, but the ice is finally melting and sun is getting warmer, I can hardly wait for some signs of life to appear!

    Lovely blog,

  6. I’m glad to see the snow is melting! My garden looks like a desert now, so I’m not putting pictures until I will see the bulbs out of ground! It seems you didn’t have any damage at last, did you?

    • The Libertia always looks the same so very good value in the garden. You’re always welcome to link the post you write for Foliage Follow Up to GBFD; I started this meme for those you couldn’t post 2 days in a row. Christina

  7. Hey Christina, like a few others that Libertia caught my eye too. I love the grasses for the way the light filters through their leaves differently as the day goes on. Delighted for you that you can see your garden with all its wonderful foliage and structure once again. Yes, the flowers are the icing on the foliage cake 🙂

  8. It is exciting to see your garden wakening.You have some wonderful foliage. I am intrigued by your euphorbia! Because of my wacky work schedule, I decided long ago not to do memes; but if I did, your foliage meme would be the one!

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