Early Tulips

Just some images of one of the flowers I love most!

Abu Hassun with Euphorbia myrsinites

Tulip Brown Sugar

T. Brown sugar again

T. Pretty Woman - isn't she just?

All the tulips are in their second or third year; last autumn I kept to my resolution or not ordering more bulbs.  I am happy as most have come back well, some have even multiplied.  The only ones that have definately not returned are the Water Lilly, doubles; a shame but it won’t stop me ordering some this year.

T. Negrita - this has probably doubled in number - I love it, sorry about the misty image, but I quite like it.

Negrita again

Not so many T. West Point have flowered again.

11 thoughts on “Early Tulips

  1. B eautiful images, Abu Hassan is my favourite too! T.sylvestris is the only one which really likes my soil, I wish more did, will just have to enjoy yours!!

  2. Abu Hassan is a great tulip- it lasts in the ground even in my heavy clay! You are right -the doubles are an annual joy ,as the parrots are I feel. But they are all wonderful.

  3. Your tulips are stunning. A lot don’t like the wet soil conditions here. I guess you have pretty perfect conditions for them with the baking they need in the summer. It’s good to know which ones are tougher plants though, I might give some of those Abu Hassan a try they’re beautiful.

  4. The lily flowering variety does not seem to come back where I live much either. I planted only a few more tulips in my borders last fall, investing in smaller bulbs instead. But I have quite a few in pots that will probably bloom next week instead of in May!

    I love all of your varieties, and especially your combinations! Abu Hassun with the euphorbia and Negrita and the muscari… great stuff!

  5. I love your tulips in combination! Abu Hassun with Euphorbia and T. Negrita with muscari… great stuff! We have similar tastes I think . The lily flowering ones do not seem to come back as well here either.

    I regret not adding more tulips to my borders this year, though I invested in many smaller bulbs. I can never really have enough in spring! I have some in pots this year that will probably bloom next week instead of in May!

    Thanks for the update on your garden!

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