Wisteria paradise my thoughts on Wisteria

I love Wisteria; all my life for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted a Wisteria covered terrace.  I’ve never had the space for one although I have seen them grown as a standard, and pretty spectacular they are.

When we were looking for a house here in Italy we looked at one house that had a  30 metre terrace covered by an established wisteria that was creating perfect shade when we viewed the house in late June or July.  I was sold immediately.  I wanted that house!  I wanted that Wisteria!  But the house was very over-priced, it had serious problems of damp, of having all pipework for gas and electricity running in conduit on, rather than within the walls and there were some serious amounts of something eating the chestnut beams – there was also far too much land.  So it had to be NO.

This house didn’t have a pergola and its terrace had steps in it so one of our first projects was to build a flat tiled terrace with a pergola up which I could train a wisteria.

Here's the naked house on our first viewing in early July 2006

At the end of August 2008 the formal garden is estblishing a work was about to begin - a pergola and wisteria would be mine

By October 2008 I had pillars to look between, creating a frame to the view

....and there was a pergola.

I planted a Wisteria ‘Prolific’ up each of the six pillars on the front, south-facing side of the house and waited with growing anticipation for the Wisteria to grow and fulfil my dreams of eating lunch shaded by the cool leaves or breathing in the heady fragrance as I sipped a glass of Proscecco!

The wisteria and yellow roses were planted in late October or early November 2008 but by April the following year 2009 they didn’t seem to have grown much; although the Tulips White Dream were certainly flowering much more than this year (2012).

There were some flowers to help my dream

The yellow roses performed well in May 2009

April 2010 and they are covering the pillars and beginning to sends shoots to cover the pergola.

April 2011, at last they are covering the beams and there are lots of flowers despite birds breaking off buds on the east end of the pergola

September 2011, you can see the wisteria is doing a fine job of creating shade

I have worked hard to create a structure of strong stems to cover the beams and wires so that hopefully in future it will always be relatively easy to cut back to this structure if it all becomes to overgrown.  Overgrown is, of course what I want for the summer so that there is always some shade to sit under and dream.

April 2012 this week

Looking down you can see the structure

Every morning I go out and breath in the heady fragrance

and my dream is coming true!

23 thoughts on “Wisteria paradise my thoughts on Wisteria

  1. So beautiful! I so enjoyed seeing the before and after photos of your house. So glad that the birds did not take away too many of your blooms this year. I just LOVE the Sept 2011 photo of your house with the pergola and formal garden in front!
    Hope you have a relaxing weekend~

    • Thanks Julie, the section of hte pergola that is exposed to the north, at the east side of the front has far, far fewer blooms than the rest and this is nearer where hte birds roost so although I think the birds do use the buds as a source of water I am coming to realise that the wind and exposure are more to blame. Christina

  2. Beautiful, it’s wonderful when our dreams come to fruition and they are there for everyone to enjoy, well done!! Wisteria does have a fantastic perfume, will just have to imagine you enjoying it!

  3. Christina, you house looks great with the pergola and the wisteria perfectly covers it! I’d like a wisteria growing in my house too, but I still bother if a white one is better as my house is red… Your garden looks great BTW

  4. Wow, what an achievement, Christina. Seriously. You must be very proud to realise your long cherished dreams. There is a huge wisteria covering a pergola at the Priory and because it had been untended for many years it was a huge job to bring it back under control. I’ll do a post on it soon, when it flowers. Despite your long wait, I envy you being able to grow yours from scratch and to keep them well trained! You have also really improved the look of your, nonetheless, lovely house. Well done, indeed! (And thanks for visiting my blog, by the way). Dave

    • The wait hasn’t seemed too long and I am happy that I have, so far, been able to prune it to form a framework that hopefully will then be easier to keep controlled. Christina

  5. Fabulous! I really enjoyed photos of before and after! You make me wish for a similar vine covered pergola on my own patio, which is in full sun and which is too hot for much of the day, especially in summer. You have done a great job of turning your place into the garden of your dreams. Truly, one of my favorites in all of blogdom!

    • Thanks Debora, as always you are too kind. a wisteria is really worth having not just for the shade in summer, winderful perfume in spring but because the foliage dies back in winter allowing light to enter into the house – perfect.

  6. Wow, so beautiful!! I am still trying to convince my husband that we need to plant wisteria on the porch, but not sure he is liking how big it can get. Nice work! Cheers

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