My thoughts – Pollinators in the Garden

When I walk around the garden one pleasure that is difficult to share via this blog is the SOUND in the garden.  Bees of all kind buzzing and flying from flower to flower and by default pollinating the plants will the air with sound!  Sometimes I am aware that the garden is positively noisy!

I notice that different plants attract different pollinators.  Entomology is a skilled science and I will leave the difficult job of identification to the experts as I am certainly  not an expert in this field.

Thyme attracts what I think I recognise as honey bees; I’ve thought hard about actually having a hive but I think I would find it difficult, I don’t like the thought of being stung plus perhaps more importantly I don’t think we would ever use the amount of honey a hive is likely to produce.

Another view

Convolvulus cneorum also attracts honey bees.

Teucrium attract larger bees, but they were too fast for me today and all the images were blurred.  I’ll try again on a less windy day when they might be more static.

A tiny solitary bee on Euphorbia

Not a bee, but looks like its collecting pollen

They definantely like Euphorbia

Definately more fly-like than bee-like

Completely black, this looks quite evil! Not quite in focus, sorry

All the T. Satin Pink had one of these in their centres today.  At first glance they look like bees but I’m pretty sure they’re not.  When the roses begin to flower this is the pest that eats into the centre of the flowers, destroying them, the tulips may have even killed them as they weren’t really moving.  When they appear on the roses I go around and pick them out (wearing gloves as I’m a bit squeamish) and squash them to stop them reproducing and getting out of control as they don’t appear to have a natural predator.

On warm days this week there have also been lots of butterflies but I have failed to get good images of them.  This is from earlier in the week.

A Painted Lady?

10 thoughts on “My thoughts – Pollinators in the Garden

  1. I used to have a bee hive but never really got to grips with it. And then, one summer, the bees became vicious, stinging for no apparent reason and making our vegetable garden a no-go area.. I gave the hive away to an ‘expert’ who simply replaced the queen, and told me that sometimes a queen can just be plain nasty and that somehow spreads throughout the colony. A new, more placid queen, calmed down the hive and made them peaceful again – amazing, huh?

    And don’t worry, Christina, from your photos I can ‘hear’ your garden! Dave

  2. I love the garden coming alive with the sound of insects and think we should all grow as much variety as we can to attract them – looks like you are doing that already!

  3. Our garden has gone quiet again with the cold spell we are having at the moment, a couple of weeks ago it was buzzing like yours! You have quite a variety buzzing your garden at the moment, I agree that the bees and butterflies are an integral part of the garden and that we should do as much as we can to support them.

  4. Seeing your pics I tried to imagine he sounds too and I confess it made me feel like keeping a hive. I love honey and it would be great to have it home made! Then I read Dave’s comment and I changed my mind! Never say never though.

  5. Christina I also love the sound of my garden with birds and pollinators…I have been stung enough to be wary but not too afraid…all the times I was stung was due to my not being observant….I hope to learn more about my pollinators this year….I am definitely not an expert.

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