May feast 1

There is something new and beautiful in the garden each day now.  I want to try to disciplinemyself to a post a day to share all the blooms that are adding to the overall beauty of My Hesperides Garden in May.

Today I chose Eschscholzia.

I don’t usually have a great success with seeds that need to be scattered in the ground where they are to flower but the packets (given to me by some good friends from the US) specifically stated that this was the best method.  So in Autumn 2010 I scattered the seed – and yes, success. I therefore wanted to try some other varieties and Donica from Reno kindly brought me some different varieties, some of which were sown last autumn.  There are the results.

E. californica from the Thai silk group

again from the Thai silk series

The foliage merges with the foliage of Euphorbia pontica, you can hardy see the difference.

In this series some colours are much stronger than others

The classic Californian poppy, strong vivid orange

But these too produce slight variations, all of which tone beautifully together.

Some are markedly darker almost red, especially in bud.

Some have yellow edges

As I had enjoyed them so much last year; I took seed heads from some for the plants and scattered them on any bare soil I found on the slope.  They have filled all the available soil and make me smile every time I see them.  Their simple flowers combine well with many other plant species creating different and interesting combinations throughout the borders.

with wild Irises, prostrate rosemary and stipa tenuissima

with thyme and euphorbia

contrasting with Phlomis sufruticosa

One even found its way next to Physocarpus opulifolius 'Diabolo

13 thoughts on “May feast 1

  1. I just love those poppies! What a beautiful form they have -the petals are so delicate,.I had some cream ones and enjoyed them very much, but they didnt survive the wet winter . Tomorrow I’m going to sow one called “Peach Sorbet”- as spring seems to have arrived here-.

  2. Wow! you made me feel like trying some california poppies! I love the silk ones but I think the best are always the plain orange ones. Pictured with bearded irises they look great and with physocarpus too! I’ve seen some white ones too, a buttery white, they are nice too. May I ask you to keep some seeds aside for me? 🙂

    • It would be my pleasure Alberto. I have a packet of white seed too, I think they will be nice in the large island as its near the terrace and I want white flowers to glow in the dark! They actually close at night but enough of the white would show. Christina

  3. I love California poppies they do really well in my garden too. They self-seed easily and overwinter well – what more could you ask of a plant.

  4. you’ve gotten me intrigued as well…. although like you, I’ve never had much luck scattering seed either. But you’ve inspired me to try! I have a perfect place where these might thrive.

  5. I tried growing some from seed this year inside and they didn’t germinate. I read that they need light for this. I’ll scatter my remaining seeds outside in the fall and hope for the best.

  6. Some stunning combinations, especially like the golds and oranges with the purples of irises and thyme etc. Love your physocarpus too. We bought my MIL ‘Diable D’Or’ for her birthday this year, tracked down from a photo she’d taken at the hydrangea gardens in Varengeville on a trip a few years’ ago. I rather fancy one myself…

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