May feast 2 – Irises

Today I’m sharing some Irises with you.  They began flowering at the end of April, it will be interesting to see which, if any, are still flowering at the end of May.

This one came from a plant sharing day, so I have no idea of its name - any ideas?

Bearded Irises love my very free-draining soil and build up large clumps quite quickly.  They don’t need any irrigation so I’m happy to add them to many different borders within the garden.

Another unknown variety

This is my favourite but I've forgotten its name

last year there were only a few stems, now it seems very happy. This is the large island bed. It mixes well with dianthus and silver foliage and the reddish leaves of Rosa rubifolia

I named this one 'bordeux' because of its velvety colour

Classic and tall

For more about other Irises in My Hesperides Garden click here.

Yesterday’s flower of the day was Eschscholzia

19 thoughts on “May feast 2 – Irises

  1. I have to admit I didn’t use to like Irises but my tastes are changing and I love them now. I’ve got round to planting some Iris sibirica in the garden so I’m looking forward to seeing how they look a bit later in the year. The flowers are so unusual. Plants never cease to amaze me, the forms they take are incredible and all to adapt to their environment and encourage pollination. None of it is for our benefit, it’s so remarkable that what results is so beautiful.

  2. I think the Iris family are such useful plants to have in the garden, there is an iris for nearly every situation. We have lots that like our heavy clay, the wet soil in the bog garden and in the pond itself. We have just one border where we can grow the tall bearded varieties and they are obviously happy because they are spreading so quickly, they are so beautiful with such fantastic colours and markings, love them all!

  3. These are sumptuous Christina, what delicate colours.Here its a little wet for them, but iris siberica will come later, and the flag irises by the pond. Their spear like foliage is lovely too. The scent I find quite strong,only present in some tho.

  4. The first unknown is the same yellow and white iris I have in my garden! I wish you knew its name when I first saw the picture: shame. I want to add more irises this year, I’m going to place an order in june/july, as soon as they are available. I reckon your favorite is the best one too!

      • I’ve placed an order at Biancoiride last year and he didn’t gave me a s@*#t, He gave me my money back after 5 emails and months of missed calls. I was furious! So I think I’ll go with Bilancioni (Claragarden) this year. Do you have any experience?

        • Hi Alberto, no, I’ve never bought Irises from anyone other than friends. There are some good (I think) companies in the UK. I’ll investigate. Christina

  5. Your irises are so lovely. Irises are one of those flowers that make a garden comfortable and homey. I have a lot of irises in my woodland garden that have ceased to bloom, probably from lack of sun. I am determined to move them. They were so pretty when they flowered, all old ones – I never knew the names.

  6. I’ve a nameless yellow and a white, waiting in pots. We’ve had rain, time to get them in the garden.

    • Depending on your soil, they can be one of the easiest plants to grow. Free draining soil in sun for beraded irises, but their are different varieties for every situation.

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