May Feast – Rosa Rhapsody in Blue

Described as: Rhapsody In Blue has fragrant, shiny purple flowers that fade to slate blue the closest thing yet to a blue rose. A healthy, robust grower that will make a tall, bushy shrub that repeats well. 4.5 ft x 3 ft.

When choosing roses to buy there are several criteria that help me make my decision.  Firstly a rose should be deliciously perfumed; a rose without fragrance is like a wedding without the bride.   It should be a beautiful colour (this really goes without saying); thirdly and this may seem strange, it is essential that the bloom is beautiful in bud, as it opens and in full flower, but also essential is how it dies!  Rhapsody in Blue is almost more beautiful as it ages and turns a delightful fading grey-mauve.

I have 3 planted together in the left hand border; they were planted in May 2007.  I have pruned them quite hard to produce very bushy plants but I will allow them to grow taller now they are strongly established.

The left hand border looking from the Mulberry tree

Again from under the mulberry tree with R. Rhapsody in Blue in the background

Mid way through its flowering life

Some blooms are marked with white

Combining with a similar coloued aquiligea and blue grass

Here on 25th April

It is one of my favourite roses.

12 thoughts on “May Feast – Rosa Rhapsody in Blue

  1. Hi Christina, I was so taken with this rose that I looked it up online at my favourite rose nursery. Sadly, they do not carry it. It’s very pretty and I agree 100% that how a rose ages is critical! I have a lovely yellow rose but the spent flowers are brown. If I am not vigilant in removing faded flowers, the whole shrub looks somewhat ugly.

  2. Hi Christina! Very nice rose and I love that corner of your border, with the silver blue festuca, dark euchera, light blue iris and the rose. I really like all the textures you have in your garden

  3. This rose looks lovely ,and as you say dies well, a good scent is really important I think.We need warm weather to bring out the delicious perfumes in all the flowers and leaves,warm rain is nice on the lilacs. The border looks great Christina.

  4. Such a gorgeous colour and I completely agree scent is essential. I noticed some buds on my roses yesterday but it’ll June before they’re in flower but my aquilegias are nearly there.

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