May Feast – Black Iris

Why are we strangely attracted to dark, or black plants?  I don’t have the answer but have to put my hands up to being someone who searches out the darkest colours when I can.  This Iris fulfils my desires.  It looks darker still in life, all my images make it look purple, but whatever I love it.

First bud 5th May

I think the Verbena is a distraction, but I intend moving the Iris to a more prominent position as soon as it’s finished flowering


11 thoughts on “May Feast – Black Iris

  1. Lovely, I think we have the same one in the front garden, not quite ready to open its buds yet, maybe another week. Don’t know why we are attracted to the dark colours, maybe because they are stunning as a contrast to the other flowers around them.

    • Maybe it’s that, but maybe becasue so many flowers are lighter in colour we crave something more moody. I’m not so sure that the dark colours are so dark in our bright light. Christina

  2. That dark iris is sensational- I get the same buzz from Iris Chrysographes when it deigns to flower.I adore the photo with the verbena- not distracting at all, like grace notes to a melody! The velvety depth that you get in deep purples and maroons gives so much rich texture.

  3. Beautiful one! I’ve spotted a black one on catalogues (I think it was ‘Before the Storm’) that I’m planning to plant with a very pale pink one. I like yours just where they are actually, why you want to move them?

    • Yes it is ‘Before the Storm’, I’ve just been reminded of the name. The other one you liked is Rustic Jewel. I want to move them into a place I’ll see the more, they are at the bottom of the drive so Ionly see them when I come in, or make a trip to look. Christina

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