May Feast – Some pleasing combinations

The garden is made up of individual plants that from part of combinations that create vistas.  I wanted to share some of the combinations that I feel are working well during May.

Cotinus ‘Palace Purple’ with Rosa ‘Old Blush’

Salvia with Hemerocallis Stella d’Oro and Phlomis suffruticosa

Rosa rubrifolia and Iris

bluey-pink aquilegea with Rosa Rhapsody in Blue and blue oat grass

Dark, moody Sedum with bright orange Californian poppy

Ground-cover verbena and Californian poppy

Iris ‘Kent Pride’ and Nandino

Rosa ‘Molineux’ with Iris

What combinations are pleasing you this month?

17 thoughts on “May Feast – Some pleasing combinations

  1. I love the verbena and poppies. For some reason, I really love purple and orange together – maybe because they’re two of my favorite colors. And I love salvia with just about anything! Nice combinations.

  2. So many nice examples. I especially enjoy the way you’ve used Salvia with Hemerocallis Stella d’Oro and Phlomis suffruticosa (had to look up that last one in Wikipedia!). Also the subtle way the Iris ‘Kent Pride’ echoes the colors in the Nandina is pleasing.

  3. I love your garden. My garden just looks very green at the moment. Nothing is flowering here because it’s so cold. I visited Sarah Raven’s garden yesterday and even her garden in the south east is suffering with plants in bud but refusing to open. At least we can look at your photos and dream.

  4. Combinations involving the orange poppies are brilliant, especially the one with sedum! I loved old blush with the purple cotinus too, I tried the same with purple fennel and rosa old blush, but the fennel killed itself before setting bright yellow flowers… maybe it gave me a favor…

  5. Some lovely combinations, especially picking out the highlights in your irises.

    How funny, that you’ve been putting together your favourites while I’ve spent the week intending to write about a combination that wasn’t working! We do have some good ones too 🙂

    • You have many good ones! I’ve been editing out the orange Californian poppies from the large island; there are more subtle pink, apricots and peachy colours that combine better. But its hard as the others are beautiful too. Christina

  6. It is nice when a combo you have in your head works out well – that sedum & poppy is a strong contrast

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