May Feast – Rosa Veilchenblau

Rosa can be deciduous or semi-evergreen shrubs or scrambling climbers, with usually thorny stems bearing pinnate leaves and solitary or clustered, 5-petalled flowers followed by showy red or purple fruits

Rambler roses are vigorous shrubs with long, arching, thorny or smooth stems carrying glossy foliage and large sprays of small, single or double, often fragrant flowers in early summer

‘Veilchenblau’ is a vigorous rambler with glossy mid-green foliage and large sprays of slightly fragrant, semi-double flowers 2.5cm in width, purple-violet with an occasional white streak, fading to greyish-lilac

R. veilchenblau with Lavender stoechas

This is my favourite rose of all, I love its orange perfumes flowers that fade so perfectly.  Maybe I love it too because it usually flowers only once a year and so is a passing joy.

Newly opened bloom

Just beginning to fade

Don’t forget its Garden Bloggers Foliage Day on the 22nd, just post and leave a comment with the link.  Looking forward to seeing what you have.

6 thoughts on “May Feast – Rosa Veilchenblau

    • The lavender is the best its ever been; I think the builders left something in the soil which has now diluted or drained away and the lavender is happier. Christina

  1. Oh, that lavender planted with it is perfect! What a gorgeous pairing. I, too, think roses that only flower once a year are much more appreciated while they’re in bloom.

  2. I agree: this rose looks fabulous with the lavender! It is wonderful to have a rose that looks so pretty as the blooms age.

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