GBFD – Calm amidst the storm

Here at My Hesperides Garden the weather has not been kind to plants.  May has been one of the coldest I remember since we moved here.  This last week there have been horrible winds that have done their best to remove all flowers and distribute them across the garden; I have been surprised at just how tenacious many blooms are at clinging on.  Added to the wind has been the dramatic differences from daytime to night-time temperatures; these have ranged in one 24 hour period from 26°C high to 4° C low!!!!  The night-time lows are equal to most winter lows.  I never know quite what to wear and the plants can’t decide if they should grow or wait.

So although the garden has more blooms than at any other time the importance of good foliage is still paramount in how the garden actually looks.  It provides a calm centre to the stormy multitude of flowers.

Lavender and Perovskia not yet flowering creating a sea of restful foliage

Small Isalnd – sedum and Achellia

Small island

Yes, the Stipa gigantea is flowering but the view is green harmony

Again green harmony (the small island)

As much as I love wistria flowers, and I do, the shade its foliage gives in summer is a reason of its own to grow it.

Everywhere in the garden Stipa tenuissima waves its bright green foliage, adding movement and life to the garden

You can read my thoughts on Stipa tenuissima here.

What foliage is making your garden look special today, to join in just leave a comment with the link to your post.  If you’ve written a post recently that you think is relavent, please feel free to add the link to that.

14 thoughts on “GBFD – Calm amidst the storm

  1. The weather seems to be doing strange things everywhere. Here we have had cold nights, and sharp winds ,holding all the plants back. They seem to spring up at any hint of warmth,but it must be confusing . I love the flowing lines of your stipa tenuissima.

  2. Lovely textures in your garden! I love so much russian sage, every year I grow new plants from cuttings, I want that plant scattered everywhere in my garden, so I can pass by and rub its leaves and smell that rich flavour!
    Now you tell me what you did to that stipa gigantea to make it flower so well, I grow one of these plants with all the possible care and yet it gives me not more that a few spikes every year. Last year just one! 😦

    • There is a story attached to the Stipa gigantea, I’ll tell you one day. This is the first year it has flowered, it was planted in autumn 2010. I love it. I think it loves the free draining soil. Christina

  3. Lots of movement with your Stipa tenuissima, and lots of lovely textures. My Stipa gigantea is very happy on my heavy clay, maybe it hasn’t read the books! Still can’t get to grips with linking I’m afraid, but post has been done.

  4. Wow! Are you ever having some temperature fluctuations! You are certainly growing the right plants, as your garden looks incredible in every season in every photo. You have really planned your seasonal interests to cycle well!

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