May Feast – The circular rose bed

Rosa Tradescant

R. Tradescant, full of flower

This bed was planted in 2009.  It consists of 4 varieties of Rose, quartered in the bed; in the centre is a standard Fejoa.  Between the roses, and wanting to take over completely, are masses of Gaura lindheimeri.  In front of the Gaura is Stipa tenuissima and geranium that I think I would like to propagate to add in front of all of the roses for continuity.

Rosa William Shakespeare

Both Tradescant and William Shakespeare have a delicious perfume, quite intoxicating.

Rosa Queen of Sweden

R. Queen of Sweden is very upright in its growth, could almost be a pillar rose

Looking down (May 9th) the formal beds are to the left and the large island is in the forground, with the small island behind

Rosa Sophie’s Perpetual

Rosa Sophie’s Perpetual, the darker outer petals outline the inner paler ones


10 thoughts on “May Feast – The circular rose bed

  1. Lovely roses,Christina- I just have new foliage and buds-nice i their way, but I dream of the perfume to come. They are beautiful-and beautifuly enhanced by companion plants- can’t bear rose beds with bare soil.

  2. Gorgeous, I can almost smell them from here. And all this hot weather we’re having (it didn’t drop below 18.4 C last night in Cardiff!) is making my own roses open, too. Another day and Gertrude Jekyll and Geoff Hamilton will be in bloom.

  3. Gorgeous roses! I just love the dark color on that Tradescant. You have arranged the roses so artfully – I love how they look with the grasses.

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