May Feast – growing wild

Those of you who visited the Chelsea about 8 years ago will remember that almost every garden had a planting of red clover; here in the countryside around Viterbo the farmers use red clover as a means of adding goodness to the soil; it is also very pretty!

14 thoughts on “May Feast – growing wild

  1. we have a red clover but it is used to draw in deer for hunters….the woods that used to stand on my land were planted with red clover and now they are weeds…I am considering digging them and turning them under to see if they enrich the soil….yours are lovely

  2. The meadows look beautiful and clover will certainly enrich the soil. The UK Bumble Bee Conservation Trust is also encouraging this idea to help the bumble bees, is this happening in Italy too or is this a traditional idea?

  3. I love clover! They use it here as well, and I guess they give it to cows then. I have some garden varieties of clover in my garden: taller and bigger than the wild one but yet very wild looking. I need to get more of them, fortunately they are discreetly self seeding around…

  4. I love red clover, it’s a great sign that a farm is organic. There have been studies to show that cows grazing on clover rich fields produce milk that is much higher in omega 3s and is much better for us.

  5. I am trying to start a medicinal flower/plant bed. I really want to add red clover, but I have heard it will take over. I have also heard that it is a great natural mulch to keep weeds down. Does anyone have experiences with red clover in a flower/plant bed they can share with me?

    • It will take over, here it is grown in fields to provide nitrogen, its roots are nitrogen fixing. In a flower bed it would be almost impossible to keep it under control. Hope that helps, Christina

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