May Feast – Hopes of things to come 2

This is the flower of a persimmon, so far we haven’t had any fruit from this tree.  Last year it suffered from the drought and dropped all its fruit when they were very immature, I’m more hopeful this year that the tree is more established, we will see.

7 thoughts on “May Feast – Hopes of things to come 2

  1. A great photograph, I have been watching my persimmon for its flower as I usually miss it. It is still green just now. We planted the tree and had lots of fruit for the last two years. It is so lovely to eat fresh fruit from the garden so late in the season. They store well and mine kept into February.

  2. I planted a persimmon last autumn and it is flowering now. I don’t like the taste of the fruits but I love seeing them hanging and then I love the fall leaves colour. I’ve never noticed the simple beauty of the flowers before. I hope you’ll get some fruits this year, so far it’s going to be much less drought than last year!

    • Hi, mine is quite sweet, we had a couple of fruit the very first year but as you say it is the fruits looking like Christmas tree decorations that is the real attraction. Christina

    • Persimmon must be eaten ripe and some varieties have a very strange taste/feel in the mouth when under ripe. They have to be soft to the touch before they are good. I have to take mine in to finish ripening inside or else I would lose them all to the birds.

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