May feast – Sedum update

When I wrote about the greenhouse last weekend I mentioned that I had just taken some sedum stem and leaf cuttings; I’m happy to report that some have already started to grow some new leaves so that it very satisfying.  I had taken just 2 long stems from one Sedum ‘Matrona’ plant so that you can’t even see that the plant is any smaller than it was before.  The ‘Purple Emperor’ and another slightly curly edged leaf variety I took just one stem.  I will leave them to grow a little more before transferring them into larger pots.

I think I will try some more cuttings of the other varieties I have and some more of the purple leafed one that I find particularly useful in the large and small islands where I don’t irrigate at all.  If I really have a surplus I will plant some onto the slope.

This is a very satisfying sight

The leaf cutting on the left has a new leaf growing!

I will post some images ASAP, but I’m having real problems uploading anything at the moment.  For the same reason I’m even having problems leaving comments.  I am reading them and I’ll be leaving comments again very soon I hope.

9 thoughts on “May feast – Sedum update

  1. Sedums are amazing plants to propagate. I did the Chelsea chop last year to 2 sedum plants and ended up with 6 new plants from each one. I love how you can just shove a leaf into some compost and a new plant will grow. Hope the problems you have get sorted out soon. Technology sometimes drives me to distraction. I spent yesterday having problems with my email. I had no idea which ones my computer had actually sent.

  2. Also having problems uploading photos, its taking ages, but get there eventually. Also comments are disappearing, thought it was just me!!

  3. Maybe you run out of space? I don’t upload files directly in wordpress, I use photobucket, so I’m sure nobody’s messing with my links and so far I’ve never had problems.
    I can’t believe I’m still here bothering what and where and even IF cutting my sedums and yours have already rooted!!! Obviously this is the right time to take sedum cuttings, I should get a move and put this thing on my weekend to do list! (Prosecco could wait a little longer!)
    Did you use that magical powder or did you just stick the leaf on the ground?

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