View of the Day

Small Island, looking east

Suddenly the small island has burst into tones of gold.  Predominately the lovely gold comes from  Achellea millefolium.  There are many new plants that have self-seeded from my original planting.

Can you see the hidden spider

Stipa gigantea

Festuca glauca is flowering, these were self-seeders I moved to the small island.

Kniphofia ‘Little Maid’

Exotic bird of paradise tree

15 thoughts on “View of the Day

  1. Hooray! I was beginning to think my Kniphophia ‘Little Maid’ was mis-labelled, because the descriptions I’ve read say it’s cream-coloured. But mine is yellow, and looks just like yours, so I have the right name after all. It’s a great plant, isn’t it? I love that bird of paradise tree. There was one in the garden of the first house we ever rented and I didn’t know what it was back then. I’ve often wondered about getting one and seeing yours has reminded me again. The small island is looking wonderful.

  2. Your bird of paradise tree is stunning and rightly takes pride of place in your small island bed. Our kniphophia won’t be out for a long time yet, it is so cold and wet here, not like early summer at all.

    • Here the wind has been blowing for days, knocking everything down, even the Achellea that usually stands up so well! I was very worried the bird of paradise tree wouldn’t survive the very cold winter this year but it is growing well. Christina

  3. Wow Christina, that golden border is fabulous! I just love it! The bird of paradise is a very interesting plant and adds a touch of class to the planting, stuff like that should be on show at Chelsea!

    • So yours flower at nearly the same time as mine but the season is autumn/early winter instead of late spring/summer. I find that very interesting. Christina

        • It is fascinating what triggers plants into growth, into flower, to drop their leaves. For some it is light levels or temperatures but for others it is as you say some kind of biological clock that says “this is the moment”. This leads to us having different flowering combinations in different years, keeping life interesting. Christina

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