Wild Flower Wednesday

On Sunday we drove to Orvieto to watch the Corpus Domini Procession, during the drive we were open mouthed at the number of poppies, some fields were completely red.  We stopped by a lane that was sprinkled with various flowers, some I’ve never seen before, but all were lovely.

The bright red contrasts so well with the vibrant green.

Beautiful close up

….and in the distance

This delicate viola stole my heart

These I’ve not seen before but they look garden worthy!

…..and this is what we went to see!

Men in tights!

wearing beautiful shoes.

14 thoughts on “Wild Flower Wednesday

  1. The poppies and other wild flowers are really beautiful but I just love the red shoes, could do with a pair of those.

    • Yes, so could I, they are handmade in Orvieto, I watched a tv programme about the procession some years ago and they interviewed the man who made them. All of the hundred or so people who took part had either shoes or boots that were made in the same way. Christina

  2. I’m getting quite addicted to wildflowers, Christina. Field poppies are one of my favourites. We spotted a field on the way into Bath the other week that had drifts of them but I had no camera. Those green tights are quite something, although none of the men in that front row look particularly happy!

  3. Beautiful flowers!
    Sometimes the ‘getting there’ is just as interesting as the destination!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea’s Menagerie

    • There was Viper’s bugloss (I see that everywhere) but the other plant had different flowers and foliage, I’ll try to look it up and give the name in another post. Christina

  4. You can see men in tights wearing beautiful shoes if you go to a gay pride parade too but I guess you have to take what Orvieto offers with the Corpus Domini… 🙂
    You have some beautiful fields and views in your region!

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