GBBD June – Looking for shade

Another GBBD has arrived; each seems to arrive so quickly now that there is so much activity in the garden.  Thanks to Carol at Maydreams for hosting this meme.  Pay her a visit to see what’s blooming in early summer or early winter (depending on which hemisphere) around the world today.

At last it’s hot, well today it is hot but the weather has been anything but consistent, rain, wind, cool nights, more wind and yet more wind that has been late May and up to now in June.  But the days are hot enough that when I want to sit outside during the day I am so grateful that the wisteria is filling out and the front terrace is in dappled shade.  A bonus is that the wisteria is flowering again profusely; I always think that the first flowers of spring are larger, but no, this year there are long racemes of delicately perfumed blooms hanging down under the canopy of shade giving foliage.

I tied in some of the new growth and pruned out tendriles that I didn’t want yesterday

The colours in the garden are heating-up; from pinks and purples to oranges, yellows and crimson.  I spoke about the gold of the small island a couple of days ago but gold and burnt orange aren’t restricted to that bed, they creep into the most surprising places, especially the Californian poppies which seed themselves charmingly into all the right places.

Just like the sun, yellow and gold!

The Salvia behind this is almost the same colour.

Tall, Hemerocallis

But there are so many blooms demanding my attention, click on the image below to see all the blooms in My Hesperides Garden today, they’re not all orange!

Looking accross the upper drive bed to the large island

15 thoughts on “GBBD June – Looking for shade

  1. Such a lot of beautiful blooms, it must be lovely finding new flowers out each day. So glad someone is getting some warm weather, our cold, wet spell seems never ending!

  2. The wisteria is wonderful! How enchanting it must feel to be under it. And I love oranges – I really love the daylily! I hadn’t seen an orange salvia before – beautiful!

  3. I think that it is fun that I also have California poppies and that same orange daylily blooming right now too, even on the other side of the world. I love the last photo with the verbena floating above all of your grasses… just dreamy. But I think that I would enjoy the shade on the patio the most too 🙂
    Happy June!

  4. Christina it will be nice to maybe have settled weather finally. That wisteria is so beautiful and what a lovely way to get some shade…I love the new blooms and how your garden is shifting into summer…we are finally getting golds too albeit slowly. Happy GBBD

  5. lots and lots of beautiful blooms Christina, your silde shows always amaze me so much in bloom, the wisteria looks lovely and cool and inviting to sit under in heat, lots of lovely blue and purple blooms as well as gold making nice compements to each other, I have plants that self seed around and enjoy them where they pop up only occasionally do I need to move them, Frances

    • I think that is the fun thing about gardening, letting plans decide for themselves where they want to grow (with just a little editing here and there). Christina

  6. I love to admire the sunshine views from your garden and enjoyed watching your slideshow. So much colour and interest. I’m becoming a fan of orange in my garden too.

    I’m also a wsiteria grower as you know too but my white scented racemes are just not opening for some reason. I’ve never seen them stay at this stage for so long. It’s a bit damp here today – enjoy the sunshine if you are able to sit out in your garden 😀

  7. Hi Christina. I have come to you having spent a few days with Karen and Linda garden visiting. Not sure why I haven’t found you before but am delighted to have done so now. I am making a garden too up on a Welsh hillside and am fascinated to see how similar (and different!) the challenges are. Fabulous photos too!

    • Hi Elizabeth, welcome to my Hesperides Garden. I envy you the garden visits with Linda and Karen, we always had such fun when Linda and I visited gardens when I lived in England. Christina

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