Just a Little Bit

Of rain that is!  Yes, just a little bit of rain and temperatures falling especially at night means things are happening in the garden.  Walking around (and I’m enjoying doing this again) and I see that just a small quantity of rain has spurred some seeds to germinate – yes of course weeds are germinating, it doesn’t take much for them to get going but also Cerinthe are pushing their first leaves up through the soil.  Usually I wait for them to grow a bit bigger than these are and then transplant to where I want them to grow.  They may be a little early as if we get a hot second half of the month they may still wither and die.  In other places Californian poppies are covering the ground in the most extraordinary way, if they all gow the garden will be a riot of colour; some might even flower this autumn.  Autumn crocus are also pushing up so I will get some saffron this year.

At present the Cerinthe are just 2 leaves pushing though the soil, but there are lots!

Their leaves are quite distinctive.

17 thoughts on “Just a Little Bit

  1. So glad you have got some more much needed rain, I think your garden has been waiting patiently for this and is now going to burst into life once more, I hope so for your sake.

  2. I love how some rain brings things to life. It must be lovely to see these seedlings poke through after such a prolonged hot, dry summer. Nature really is incredible. Hope other plants will start to show signs of life too.

    • Yes, the saffron crocus is special, it flowers in autumn rather than spring. You need hundreds to have a real crop but it’s nice to have some just to say I grew it. Christina

  3. Just had your blog address from Richard, its marvelous work you do there, and ill definitely go strawl around for finding more interesting species and variations. Very nice indeed. Greetings from Sierra Nevada, Granada, Spain

  4. Hi Christina! Ahhhhhhhh….such a relief isn’t it?! I am excited for you….for me….and our gardens. Our weather is so similar. We have gotten a little rain and cooler temperatures at night as well, and it has been amazing! Cheers!

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